Can the drastic reform in 2021 prevent F1 from declining?

 Can the drastic reform in 2021 prevent F1 from declining?

It is reported that after more than two years of research work, FIA and F1 carried out the most detailed analysis of the sport to determine the future direction of the sport. In the future, the new management mode and profit sharing structure will be combined to make the movement grow stronger and more commercialized.

It is worth noting that for the first time in the history of F1 in 2021, a budget cap similar to that used by the North American Sports League was introduced. The aim is to control the disorderly burning money that affects the performance of racing cars, to narrow the gap between manufacturers teams and private teams, and to improve competition and excellence.

According to the new FIA financial rules, if the F1 world championship is still 21 games, each teams budget cap is limited to $175 million. For every additional game in the championship, an extra one million dollars will be added. For teams using customer engine, the budget cap for the purchase of competition engine is USD 15 million.

In addition, the structure of sub station events has also been reduced from four days to three days, and each team must provide at least two free exercises in the season for drivers who have participated in two or less Grand Prix, such rookie terms. A new car model was also shown at the conference.

We deeply respect the DNA of F1, which combines great sports, talented and brave drivers, dedicated teams and cutting-edge technology. Our goal has always been to improve competition on the track and make the sport healthier and more attractive to all people, said F1 president chase Kelly

FIA president Jean Todd expressed his support for Kerry: the new rules will greatly change the way racing works, and this is the first time we have solved technical, sports and financial problems at the same time. The 2021 code is a real partnership, and I believe its a great achievement. (end)

Source: editor in charge of China News Network: Liu Jie, ns6529