Champion mentor Li Ronghaos first singing in 2020 settled in Foshan on November 4, opening pre-sale!

 Champion mentor Li Ronghaos first singing in 2020 settled in Foshan on November 4, opening pre-sale!

Li Ronghao not only acted as a tutor in the programs such as idol trainee and youth has you, but also gave his own opinions with professional music literacy, and performed very well. And this summer, Li Ronghao also participated in the recording of the voice of China, and served as the Resident Tutor in the program, becoming the youngest tutor in the history of the voice of China. Li Ronghao not only showed his very attractive musical talent, but also showed his straightforward and humorous warm man character. His participation in this seasons good voice of China added a lot of laughter. In the end, he became the double champion instructor of this seasons program, with numerous fans.

First concert in 2020? Worth looking forward to

As the largest tour of Li Ronghaos career so far, the young and promising world tour also rearranged and re performed the classic songs in the album, and made an unforgettable music tour for fans in all aspects of the concert. In addition to being the music director as always, Li Ronghao also incarnates as one of the chief directors and shoulders the position of chief planner. Different roles are not only simple identity changes, but also for him to explore more impossibilities in music and constantly break through himself. At the concert, the micro film compiled and directed by Li Ronghao will run through the whole concert, and the film will explain the growing process of the hero in the MV of young and promising. The unique live experience will become the special image memory of the audience.

On January 4, next year, Li Ronghao will hold the world tour concert of young and promising in Foshan International Sports Culture Performance Center, Foshan station, which will be his first concert in 2020 and his first singing in Foshan, which is of great significance to fans or him. Lets have a live experience of a very special and surprising concert that Li Ronghao carefully planned for you! Foshan station will officially open its pre-sale at 10:30 a.m. on November 4. At the right time, watch a Li Ronghao concert. In front of the right people, I wish you good luck in your youth!

Source: editor in charge of Netease Entertainment: Ma Wenjing, nbjs9027