The movie betrothal gives the final notice that French female journalists fall in love with each other

 The movie betrothal gives the final notice that French female journalists fall in love with each other

Chinese and French cultures collide, sparks keep laughing and romantic values coexist

It is reported that snow, a French female journalist, came to China by chance in the early 1980s of the reform and opening up, met Liu Changgen, a rural boy, and they had a good time together. Snow recorded what he saw and heard with his camera, witnessed the process of love and marriage disputes among Chinese young people in that era, and left a romantic love story with nagen.

The final Trailer of this release starts with an empty mirror with beautiful French scenery, which is very artistic and has a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of China and France. The French scenery is fresh and romantic, and the Chinese rural scenery is more pure and clear under the directors lens, which is quite different from the rural image that the audience saw in the film in the past. In addition, the plot information is also more clear, to draw a relatively clear story line for the audience. The plot is introduced from the chat between the heroine snow and her girlfriends to convey to the audience the Chinese rural life in the heroines heart not only beautiful, simple and honest, but also a lot of lovely people. The playful location of her best friend is what snow called the lovely person which is the long root of the movies hero. So that snow fell into the memories of China, snow thought of his precious time in China, the fate of the encounter and the desire for free love.

The cultural differences between China and France also triggered the jokes about whether they had seen Picasso. The French identity of the heroine also rationalizes a series of plots that seem impossible to happen in the countryside, such as dancing hand in hand, swimming together, afternoon tea on the grass, and highlights the different dramatic effects brought by transnational love. The story of the protagonists and heroines reading quietly in the library and walking in the field together makes the movie full of the sweet atmosphere of love. But they had a fierce quarrel because of their different ideas and national conditions. In the words of the hero, this custom has been passed down for several generations, and you cant change it if you say so.. Because combined with the background of the times, in the countryside at that time, their cross-border love itself was an unprecedented feat, which shocked and opposed the villagers and elders at that time, and even called it the international problem is to make it bad. But even in the face of many obstacles, the two still have firm eyes and shout love freedom in front of the campfire. This courage is very moving. The older generation, however, looked heavy, and seemed to herald the coming of a greater storm, as if everything was not as simple as they had imagined. And where their feelings will go, the final destination of the two bitter mandarin ducks makes people curious.

Deep resonance caused by love in the S

It can be seen from the trailer that in the feudal social environment at that time, most young people were unable to control their marriage and happiness, so they had to obey their parents orders and matchmakers advice. Although the film seems to be a cross-border love story, it actually implies a more important auxiliary line, namely, the process and style of rural change in China and the progress and awakening of peoples consciousness. After the reform and opening up, a series of major changes have taken place in rural areas, but the beginning of all changes is full of unknown and obstacles, which is the dramatic time node. To highlight the change and promotion of peoples living standards and spiritual civilization level under the background of the times, the fate of young people will also be changed. This kind of background setting is easy to arouse the resonance of the audience in the 1970s and 1980s, and the love story of young people will also arouse the resonance and interest of the young audience. And there are a number of audiences familiar with the old drama bone blessing, but also let the audience of the film and viewing are greatly increased points, it can be seen that engagement is a film covering multiple age groups.

It is worth mentioning that the trailer exposed a large number of beautiful places in France, including Luc Besson and his mothers manor. According to producer and screenwriter Qiao Wei, he and film producer Luc Besson got together at the 2016 Beijing International Film Festival. When he first expressed his thoughts on the film engagement to Luc Besson, Luc Besson agreed to participate. And in the script creation and shooting production process has given great help, not only introduced the French Europa company to participate in the shooting production, but also provided their own manor to do the shooting site. This cooperation is also the first time for Luc Besson to join the Chinese film, in which Juliet Besson, Luc Bessons daughter, also made her debut in the Chinese film.

The film engagement is produced by earth art color (Beijing) film and television culture media Co., Ltd. and will be released nationwide on November 8.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)