Treatment of Chinese cabbage in Beijing

 Treatment of Chinese cabbage in Beijing

Yutian is the main producing area of Chinese cabbage in Beijing, which is famous all over the country. However, this years sales of Yutian winter storage cabbage encountered the phenomenon of ice and fire. Yutian County agricultural and rural bureau head told reporters, although this years cabbage sales is not a problem, but the price is lower than the same period in previous years. And the high-quality Baojian cabbage planted by the professional cooperative, although the gift box of two trees starts from 88 yuan, has not yet been put on the market and has been booked out.

Farmers in Yutian Town, Yutian County are harvesting cabbage and loading it to Beijing.

Low price of common cabbage

The head of Yutian County agricultural and rural Bureau told reporters that this year, the planting area of cabbage in Yutian is about 170000 Mu and the output is about 1.1 million tons. In addition to the Yutian late maturing cabbage variety named Baojian cabbage, most of them are Beijing No.3, Tianjin Green and yellow cabbage series familiar to the common people, which are also the early maturing varieties that have been listed at present.

Yutian is a traditional vegetable planting County, with the largest planting area of 400000 mu. Before 1980, Yutians Baojian cabbage was the main variety of Chinese cabbage for winter storage in Beijing and Tianjin.

The good reputation of Chinese cabbage in Yutian is mainly due to the good water quality in Yutian, and the mineral content in the Ordovician Water System and wueni mountain water system running through the whole Yutian is relatively high. Good cabbage is crispy, because the water is good, Yutian cabbage is crispy. Yutian County agricultural and rural Bureau, even so, Yutian cabbage market this year is not good.

It is understood that at present, the wholesale price of Yutian cabbage is 0.14 yuan to 0.15 yuan per Jin, which is lower than that of previous years, and the price in the same period of previous years is about 0.2 yuan.

At present, it is the season of strong demand for Chinese cabbage in Beijing and other regions. The reporter learned from Yutian county that Beijing Shangchao intervened in time and the sales volume of Yutian cabbage was not a problem. Taking Wumart supermarket as an example, since October 21, Yutian has transported 600000-800000 Jin of Chinese cabbage daily to more than 500 Wumart supermarkets in North China to ensure market supply.

For the reason of low vegetable price, the head of Yutian County agricultural and rural Bureau analyzed that it was mainly affected by the increase of Chinese cabbage planting area in China, but also related to the harvest of Chinese cabbage in Zhangjiakou, Shandong and other regions and the failure to achieve the time staggering peak, in the state of market saturation, it is difficult to sell Chinese cabbage in Yutian again.

The minimum price for two brand dishes is 88 yuan

In sharp contrast to the low price of ordinary Chinese cabbage, Yutians high-quality packaged cabbage is one dish is hard to find.

Zhang Jinqi is the director general of Yutian black cat king farmers professional cooperative. His cooperative has planted 1000 mu of Baojian cabbage this year. Although it is only about a week before the beginning of winter to collect vegetables, the vegetables have been booked out.

Zhang Jinqi leads the vegetable farmers to sell the Baojian Cabbage by tree. The planting scale of 1000 mu land is 800 Jin per mu. Two vegetables are packed in a gift box, with a total of 168000 gift boxes. The retail price of each gift box ranges from 88 yuan to 118 yuan. So far, the basic reservation is one empty. Zhang Jinqi told reporters that in addition to gift box packaging of cabbage, the common cabbage planted by the cooperative according to the standard can also be sold at a good price, with the wholesale price of 2.5 yuan per Jin, while the wholesale price of Beijing No.3 cabbage listed earlier this year is the lowest 0.08 yuan per Jin, and the highest is only about 0.16 yuan.

Only by focusing on brand building and standardized planting can we increase the value of land and the income of vegetable farmers. Zhang Jinqi explains why the food of the cooperative is sold at a high price and does not worry about selling. According to him, the cooperative will ferment the leftover fruit dregs of the juice and the manure of livestock to make enzyme organic fertilizer. With organic fertilizer, the cooperative also introduced selenium rich nutrient solution to cabbage through expert guidance. In addition, it is not allowed to spray pesticides in the vegetable fields of the cooperative and use physical insecticides to repel common cabbage pests such as cabbage aphids and Plutella xylostella.

Green and organic, that is to say, no pesticide or chemical fertilizer is used. If you look at the vegetable fields of the cooperative, you can see insect killing lamps, insect inducers and slime boards everywhere. The packaging of each dish is also exquisite, enough Jin and enough two, one gift box and two dishes are weighed by scales, and the error is no less than two Liang. Zhang Jinqi said.

Zhang Jinqi introduced that since 2012, his cooperative has started to plant Baojian cabbage, which has become the brand of Yutian high-end Chinese cabbage. Compared with the previous years, high-quality Baojian cabbage is not only in low price, but also in short supply.

In view of the low price of Chinese cabbage in Yutian this year, the head of Yutian agricultural and rural bureau also suggested that the vegetable farmers should improve their production standards, promote the green prevention and control system, improve the quality standards of vegetables, and increase their incomes. At present, Yutian County has established the whole process traceability mechanism of the black cat king farmers professional cooperative and the agricultural Fuyuan cooperative. At the same time, relying on the establishment of national agricultural product quality and safety county, the county is striving to build 30 pilot units that can trace the whole process of agricultural product quality and safety.

Source: Beijing Daily editor in charge: Li Chao, nb12814