National Health and Health Commission: influenza is still a threat to peoples health

 National Health and Health Commission: influenza is still a threat to peoples health

He Qinghua, deputy director of the disease control bureau of the national health and Health Commission, said that influenza is a common seasonal disease. It is recommended to vaccinate before the epidemic season, so as to create an immune barrier and obtain effective protection. He Qinghua said: we are concerned that some media and netizens have reported that there is a shortage of influenza vaccine supply in some places in the near future. It has been verified that the shortage of vaccine supply is not caused by the overall shortage of vaccine supply, but this years influenza vaccine is listed one month ahead of the previous year. Some people think that the earlier the vaccine is, the better it will be. They need to be vaccinated in advance when they come to the vaccination point. However, the vaccine is supplied in batches and orderly from north to south according to the influenza epidemic law. Therefore, some vaccination points are supplied A tense situation. The relevant situation is gradually alleviating through measures such as increasing publicity and making appointment registration.

The fatality rate of influenza is less than 1%. You dont need to panic

The common people say that the common cold is mainly characterized by severe local symptoms. The patients usually show inflammation in the nasopharynx, such as sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, sore throat, etc.; some patients with bacterial infection will have tonsillitis, or even purulent tonsillitis; the patients whole body fever is relatively light, which is usually good in two or three days. But flu is different, flu patients whole body symptom is heavy, local symptom is light, whole body symptom performance is fever, some patients fever exceeds 39 u2103, performance still has whole body muscle ache, appetite not good and so on. Some patients will have complications of pneumonia, brain, heart and other important organs. Gao Zhancheng said that there is a big difference between the common peoples cold and flu in terms of pathogen and clinical symptoms.

Last flu season, there was a long microblog that spread widely, describing the process of the game between flu and life. The end of the story is that the flu virus defeated life. In spite of this, it is a very rare extreme event, a small probability event, said Gao. In general, the case fatality rate of influenza is less than 1%. Patients can recover in a week or so, but we cant ignore it. So after getting the flu, put on a mask to see a doctor, early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment, general isolation of light patients at home will not be transmitted to other people. Theres no need to panic.

5% - 10% of people will be infected with influenza every epidemic season

Guo Yanhong, an inspector of the medical administration of the National Health Commission, said: medical staff, especially the first-line medical staff, are vulnerable to influenza virus. On the one hand, they often contact patients, on the other hand, they work very hard, and their resistance declines. For the protection of medical personnel, first of all, prevention is the priority, and vaccination is the best way. Therefore, for several years in a row, we have encouraged medical institutions to vaccinate medical personnel, especially the key departments directly contacting patients, such as respiratory department, emergency department and other relevant personnel. The key departments must take standard preventive measures, such as hand washing, wearing masks and so on.

We do not encourage medical staff to stick to their work in a very tired state. Without the health of medical staff, there can be no health of the vast number of patients. Vaccination, standard preventive measures and reasonable arrangement of medical staff can protect medical staff. Of course, to protect the medical staff is to protect our patients. Guo Yanhong said. (reporter Yan Guangzhe)

Source: responsible editor of China Youth Daily: Geng Yiwen, nj6040