Son of the weather released by Yang Chaoyue as a sunny girl

 Son of the weather released by Yang Chaoyue as a sunny girl

Netease Entertainment reported on November 1 recently, the 2019 Japan box office champion (temporarily listed) the son of the weather officially announced 100% sunny girl - Rocket girl 101 Yang Chao, and launched the theme posters and videos. This time, Yang transcends the incarnation of sunny girl. His temperament is very consistent with the style of youth healing in the film, and the audience praises him as the best candidate. Yang Chaoyue said that the director xinhaicheng brought warmth to the audience through the film and hoped that his incarnation of sunny girl could convey the warmth to more people. Since the introduction of the film, it has been on Weibo for four times, and the number of people who want to see the cats eye (38W) + is on top 1 of the same schedule, becoming another masterpiece of must see for big screen. Before that, the box office of the first days pre-sale of the film had exceeded 20 million yuan, and it officially landed in the national cinema today.

Son of the weather u00d7 Yang Chaochao interprets the new definition of 100% sunny girl in cooperation

The film son of the weather was produced by xinhaicheng director in three years. Yang Chaoyue also became the first domestic star to cooperate with xinhaicheng film. This cooperation can be said to complement each other. First, this time Yang transcends the incarnation of sunny girl, and his own temperament is consistent with the youth and healing style of the film itself. Second, Yang Chao also has his own unique understanding of 100% sunny girl: either crying or sunny girl, crying or smiling is sunny girl. This understanding is in line with the theme of the film in a stormy world, we should also live bravely and beautifully. It can be said that from the image to the understanding of the content of the film and other aspects of the fit, together contributed to the son of the weather and Yang Chaos cooperation.

The poster of son of the weather by Yang Chaoyue was shot by Mei Yuangui, a top photographer in China, with a warm and healing style. The poster is inspired by the 100% sunny girl Yangcai, which has the ability to clear the sky in the movie, and conveys the attitude of curing young people facing the wind and rain, brave and beautiful life. In the poster, Yang Chaoyue first incarnated as a sunny girl and restored the classic scenes such as umbrella and looking forward to clearing up of the female main dish of the film. The warm heart atmosphere is just in line with the youth and healing style of the film, attracting the audience to leave a message praising full of heart!

Closely related to everyone new Haichengs most beautiful world delivers healing power

Including the sunny girl Yangcai, which has the ability to make the weather clear, the seemingly magical and exaggerated settings in xinhaichengs new masterpiece son of the weather are closely related to everyone. On the theme, the reason why weather is taken as the theme, xinhaicheng said, because the change of sunny and rainy days affects peoples mood and is closely related to everyone. At the same time, more and more abnormal weather in recent years also makes people pay more attention to the weather. In the plot, the film focuses on the ordinary youth living in the city, the confusion encountered by the male and female owners, the unique impulse of the youth, etc., which seems to be a miniature of all peoples youth, and has a strong resonance with modern young people.

The things and settings closely related to the audience in the son of the weather shorten the distance between the film and the audience. And the reason why it can gain the love of multi-national audiences is inseparable from the healing power possessed by the film. On the one hand, the film continues the distinctive personal characteristics of xinhaicheng rain, cloud, tram and other things, and gives the audience a sense of visual healing with the top quality of every frame is wallpaper; on the other hand, through the behavior of the male and female owners, the film conveys to the audience a positive attitude of life that even if the world is full of storms, it should bloom its own sunny day, and gives the audience strength. Xinhaicheng also said that this time son of the weather is a movie that can make everyone feel strong will and full of power.

The film son of the weather is imported by China Film Group Corporation, released by Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd. and translated by Changying group film production Co., Ltd. The film is on today.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)