On the fifth day of the gaoyunxiang case, the defense questioned the discrepancy of womens testimony

 On the fifth day of the gaoyunxiang case, the defense questioned the discrepancy of womens testimony

The trial was held at 11 a.m. an hour later than the previous days, but Gao Yunxiang arrived at 10 a.m. accompanied by a lawyer.

At the beginning, the defense lawyer questioned the discrepancy of several testimonies given by the parties. It is reported that after the case, the party successively provided five testimonies to the police, and the defense lawyer pointed out that the first one was different from the third one. However, the parties explained that the first one was written under extreme fear, because the two people are famous in China, especially Gao Yunxiang, and they have the right and power.

During this period, Gao Yunxiang and Wang Jing have been staring at the screen, watching the actions and reactions of the parties. Wang Jing is close to the translator and has been listening to the translation carefully.

The judge criticized the defense lawyer for unfairness

About an hour after the trial, the judge announced a five minute recess, and pointed out to Gao Yunxiangs defense lawyer: I think you just played selective clips, and some clips are too short to understand the relationship between the front and the back, I think it is unfair, if you continue to take this out of context, I may remind the prosecution to raise objections.

The judge further pointed out that the practice of the defense lawyer may lead to the content appearing on the trial record unable to reflect the full picture of the event, which may have an impact on the verdict of the jury.

After the trial resumed, the defense lawyers accepted the judges advice and watched the video for a significantly longer time.

When the KTV surveillance video was broadcast in court earlier, the defense lawyer pointed out that someone had left near midnight, and the client could also leave politely, the woman replied: yesterday I replied, my company is responsible for all affairs in Australia, and from March 23 to 27, my company is responsible for all affairs, and I must be present.

The following are the court facts (updated on an ongoing basis):

The female victim appeared in the video wearing a white long sleeved pullover.

Argument: before this, the prosecutor asked you, when you go to the kings room, who do you think will be in it? You answered them from the crew, but this part of the answer is not consistent with your first police record. In the first police record, you said, Wang told you that Gao Yunxiang would come down.

Woman: the first record was made under extreme fear. At that time, I was under great mental pressure and couldnt even speak a complete sentence. The third record is the most accurate state.

Woman: I have answered your question. The first record was made under the condition of extreme fear. Gao He Wang, especially Gao, has a lot of energy and wealth in China. But I am just an ordinary person in Australia. I didnt know what to make at that time. (when the female party answers this question, the word order is slow.)

Argument: before you and Wang Jing went back to the room on the day of the crime, you knew Gao Hui was the only one who appeared in the room, right?

Woman: I dont agree with you. As I said yesterday, as a leading actor, Mr. Gao always has a team around him. No matter during the shooting period or the rest period, he has his assistant and manager around him, including the assistant to the bathroom.

Monitoring video broadcast to 03-26-201823:57:30

Argument: everyone stand up and have a drink together, right?

Woman: yes.

Debate: was there a speech then?

Debate: did anyone leave the room at this time?

Woman: I dont remember.

Its very late now, and some people raise their glasses together. Its not impolite to leave now, is it?

Woman: you asked me a lot of similar questions yesterday. As an Australian representative, I need to take care of everyone. Our company is responsible for filming on the 23rd-27th, and I have to be present.

Argument: but a few minutes ago you replied to your husband that you were going home. (withdrawal of defence counsel)

Broadcast the surveillance video to 00:00:00

Debate: are you and Wang talking after everyone raises their glasses?

Woman: yes.

Argument: the king then put his hand on your thigh, right?

Woman: I didnt see it in the video.

Video playback

Argument: is it?

Woman: the table is blocked in the video, (the victim asks 3 times) is it your hypothesis again? (the judge told the female victims lawyer not to answer his questions.)

Monitoring video broadcast to 00:02:26

Debate: the king and you are talking, the king put his hand on your right shoulder?

Woman: yes.

Monitoring video broadcast to 00:07:19

Debate: at that time, Gao was singing. You were talking to everyone, right?

Female: its not just Gao singing, its singing with a lady.

The monitoring video will be played to 00:07:55

Argument: are you looking at your cell phone?

Woman: yes.

Monitoring video broadcast to 00:08:09

Argument: youve read your husbands information by now, havent you?

Woman: you always ask me if I read the husbands information. I dont understand what you mean. I dont understand what you mean. I replied yesterday. I cant remember when I saw my husbands information.

Then did you reply to your husband?

Woman: youve been asking the same questions.

Debate: did you reply?

Woman: I didnt

Monitoring video broadcast to 00:08:34

Argument: the king was holding you, right?

Woman: cant you see it? Its just a friendly gesture that he put his other hand around the other actress

Then you said in the police record that Wangs presence in KTV made you uncomfortable and scared?

Woman: I told the police that only after a certain time, Wang made me feel uncomfortable. I cant remember the specific time.

Debate: lady, but you told the police that Wang made you uncomfortable when I went out to smoke with Wang before?? It was an hour ago.

Woman: it doesnt conflict with my previous answer, because what you ask me now is that I feel uncomfortable at this specific time point, and I cant remember the specific uncomfortable time point.

Monitoring video broadcast to 00:11:03

Debate: you communicate with Wang again, and he holds you, right?

Woman: yes.

It is reported that on the 28th, the final trial of Wang Jings suspected sexual assault case was held. So far, it has been the fifth day. The female victim appeared on the second day, successively stated and answered many details of the night, and the text messages with her husband have also been exposed. In addition, the Court opened KTV and other places to monitor the scene, and female victims were cross examined by defense lawyers.