Midday review: Shanghai index opened lower and rose higher 0.73percent home appliance stocks rose strongly

 Midday review: Shanghai index opened lower and rose higher 0.73percent home appliance stocks rose strongly

Peripheral situation: the three major stock indexes of the United States ended lower, while Apple rose more than 2% against the trend. By the end of the day, the S & P 500 index was down 0.30% to 3037.56, the Dow 0.52% to 27046.23, and the NASDAQ 0.14% to 8292.36. In terms of individual stocks, apple bucked the trend and closed up more than 2%. According to the companys financial report released after hours yesterday, its net profit for the whole year 2019 was $55.256 billion, better than the market expectation. China capital stocks rose and fell in a mixed way, with thunderbolt up more than 7%, Ctrip up more than 2%, and Yulai auto up 1.4%.

On the news: 1. The communique of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee was issued. 2. Through the impeachment investigation procedure, the three major U.S. stock indexes declined. 3. Ministry of Commerce: the leaders of the economic and trade teams of China and the United States will call again on Friday. 4. MSCI: the semi annual index evaluation results in November were released in the early morning of November 8. 5. Yesterday, the three major operators held the 5g commercial launch ceremony. 6. Central bank: by the end of the three quarters, the scale of domestic stocks and bond assets held by overseas institutions and individuals had reached a record high. 7. Shenzhen Stock Exchange: the total net profit of Shenzhen listed companies in the first three quarters increased by 2.79%. 8. CSRC: Chengdu Gas Co., Ltd. and other five companies have successfully launched. 9. Ministry of Education: by 2021, about 4000 national online first-class courses will be completed. 10. The IPO of science and technology innovation board once again ushered in a wave of small-scale supplementary financial report tide.

Shenguang finance and Economics said that this morning, the Shanghai index opened lower and moved higher, with shocks rising. The three major indexes rose collectively. The Shenzhen Composite Index rose nearly 1.3%, the home appliance sector rose sharply, leading the two cities. Kangsheng shares rose, and Gree Haier all rose by more than 7%. New materials showed strong performance. Fenghua shares and Jinli permanent magnet shares rose by more than 7%. Banks, securities, insurance and other heavyweight sectors all strengthened, which rose sharply yesterday The sharp drop in the concept of animal vaccine led the decline of the two cities, with chicken and pork weak, leading the decline. At present, the environment of the stock market is not good, so it is difficult to have a big market, so we try to choose high-quality individual stock band operation as the main, we must not blindly pursue the high, at present, the stock market callback is basically at the bottom, we can appropriately increase the position.

According to Jufeng investment advisors, the market bottomed out last week, and the adjustment was mainly affected by the intensive subscription of new shares. This week, the market will return to the normalization of four new share subscriptions a week. At the beginning of the week, the concept of blockchain exploded rapidly, and the factors such as the opening of new shares hit the markets confidence in becoming more and more, and the market turned to defense. The Feds interest rate cut and US stocks hit a new high, spurring A-shares to open slightly higher on Thursday, but the poor macroeconomic data made the market continue to adjust, and the Shanghai index retested the 60 day average support. Northbound capital has a net inflow of 8.5 billion yuan against the market. On Friday, the market bottomed out and rebounded. The household appliances industry with abundant cash flow received attention from capital, and banking stocks showed obvious protection. It is suggested that bargain hunting should focus on technology stocks and blue chips whose performance is better than expected.

Source: editor in charge of Finance and economics of Netease: Yang qian_nf4425