Nut mobile phone integrated into byte beat Luo Yonghao has left the team

 Nut mobile phone integrated into byte beat Luo Yonghao has left the team

Wu Dezhou was the chief operating officer of hammer technology. He said that Luo Yonghao had left the nut mobile team and thanked him for his contribution to the company in the past few years. He also revealed that the new Department, Xinshi laboratory, will be responsible for byte skipping smart phones and smart hardware business, including education smart hardware.

Before the opening of the conference, the conference room broadcast the prototype video of hammer mobile phones of all generations. The conference released three kinds of nut Pro3 mobile phones with different back color and smartisanui 7.0, as well as the font smartisant black font jointly created with founder. Fang Chi, the designer of nut mobile phone, said that the design of the new mobile phone retained the elements of simplicity, but industrial design made some changes and also rewritten the camera application.

At the beginning of 2019, byte beat confirmed to the reporter of Beijing news that it had acquired part of the patent use right of hammer technology, and would explore related businesses in the field of education, saying that there were hammer employees in the company. Then, byte skipping added the trademark of byte hammer.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Chen Hequn, nb12679