Wen zaiyin: always take care of Park Geun hye, send her to hospital and set up a desk in her cell

 Wen zaiyin: always take care of Park Geun hye, send her to hospital and set up a desk in her cell

Data chart: Wen zaiyin and park Geun hye (Yonhap)

Overseas network, Nov. 1, according to South Korean media reports, South Korean President Wen zaiyin said on Oct. 31 that he had been taking care of former President Park Geun hye, not only setting a desk in her cell, but also sending her to hospital. This is the first time Wen mentioned Park Geun hyes treatment in public.

On October 31, our Republican Party represented Hong Wenzhong (left) in mourning Wen zaiyins mother. (qinghuatai)

On October 31, Wen attended his mothers funeral in Yin and met with Hong Wenzhong, a representative of our Republican Party, who came to mourn, the East Asia Daily reported Monday.

Photo: Park Geun hye in court (Yonhap)

Hong Wenzhong revealed that he pleaded with Wen zaiyin at that time, former President Park Geun hye is very ill, please take care of her..

Wen zaiyin replied, even if there is no such thing, I have been taking care of her. Ill take her to the hospital and return her desk.

On September 16, park Geun hye appeared in the hospital for surgery (Korean daily)

Hong Wenzhong added, please take better care of it. Wen smiled but said nothing.

Hong said afterwards that although he didnt say it clearly, he actually wanted Park Geun hye to be pardoned, President Wen understands what I mean..

Data sheet: Park Geun hye was hospitalized due to low back pain, and her whole body was wrapped

Regarding Wens reference to hospitalization and desk, the East Asia daily explained that the former refers to park Geun hye leaving the Seoul detention center and being sent to Seoul Notre Dame hospital for medical treatment. The latter was in July 2017, when parks cell was filled with desks and chairs. In March of the same year, park Geun hye asked for a desk and chair.

Park Geun hye detained in Seoul detention center (Yonhap)

South Korean media said Wens courtesies were also reflected in his first appearance at the national new village leaders conference on October 29, praising the New Village Movement as the foundation of todays South Korea, and calling for inheriting and carrying forward the modern significance of the New Village Movement. New Village Movement was proposed and vigorously promoted by park Geun hyes father and former president of South Korea Park Chung Hee. This statement by Wen zaiyin has aroused the attention of all sectors of the society and is believed to have the intention of drawing the Conservatives together.

At present, park Geun hye is involved in three lawsuits. Among them, in the case of doing politics with trust, the final judgment of the court was sent back for retrial; in the case of interference in election, the sentence was 2 years, and the case has been closed; in the case of bribery of the national court, the sentence was 5 years, which is still in the stage of appeal.

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