The 28th China JeansWest cup casual wear design competition ended successfully

 The 28th China JeansWest cup casual wear design competition ended successfully

The Organizing Committee of the competition invited famous fashion designers at home and abroad to form a gold jury in time. They are Wang Yutao, Liu Yong, Qi Gang and Zeng Fengfei, winners of the Golden Summit Award, Yang Qibin, chairman of the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association, Yan Jiali, editor in chief of if fashion, and Huang Guodong, director of Zhenwei brand commodity development department. The jury adheres to the principle of fair, just and open competition, pays attention to high quality, high efficiency and high level, and excavates new design stars with a professional and responsible attitude.

The competition kicked off in an impromptu rapshow. The lyrics tell the story of the 27 year journey and perseverance of the JeansWest cup. With rappers performance, 19 groups of contestants dressed in the latest series of JeansWest 2019 winter online clothing successively appeared on the stage of fashion week, opening the competition for the highest award of this competition.

In the autumn and winter 2019 brand show, JeansWest brings two totally different performance styles for the audience on site: warm leisure and cool vitality, including adult wear, parent-child wear and marvel series, which fully interprets the concepts of harmony, static and dynamic, and also shows the versatility and plasticity of JeansWest. The scene of the brand show is decorated with various colors and shapes, integrating stage art and fashion art, and pushing the art feast to the top.

After fierce competition, Xie Dongyang from the school of fine arts and design of Guangzhou University won the gold medal of the zhenweisi cup with a group of manifestos. He interprets the theme of Jane is not simple from a unique perspective, applies it to clothing through street graffiti and other ways, conveys cultural art and human feelings with the help of clothing itself, expresses the peace and love of the young generation, and wins the unanimous praise of the jury. This years participating designers pay more attention to the clothing design itself, and do their own work on the selection and production of fabrics, cutting of car lines, decoration elements, etc. They said after the game that the clothing industry needs the spirit of craftsman, and the fashion and market need to develop together.

Yang Xun, vice chairman and general manager of Xuri group and chairman of JeansWest International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., said in an interview that since the establishment of the China JeansWest cup casual wear design competition, the theme of the competition has closely followed the fashion trend, reached the current aesthetic trend, and provided new and fresh ideas for the industry. At the same time of continuously creating professional design events with the effect of business card of JeansWest, JeansWest is also striving to respond to the expectations of the industry, always adhere to the reform and innovation, tap the growth momentum, based on the current market economic environment, explore the way forward belonging to JeansWest in the process of changing and changing, trend and classic, abandoning and sticking, and deepen the concept of brand popularity into people Heart, constantly promote the rapid development of domestic leisure clothing industry.

List of winners in the final of the 28th China JeansWest cup casual wear design competition