Silver Dragon in hand and distant breeze tomorrows Ark two new staff will join the exchange soon

 Silver Dragon in hand and distant breeze tomorrows Ark two new staff will join the exchange soon

Five star medical staff breeze has group healing ability, which can recover the health value of 3 friendly units within its attack range at the same time under normal condition. It belongs to the same category as the games perfumers, white faced owls and nightingales.

The highlight of the staff breeze lies in their skill combination talent.

Its talent [medical class protection] can provide all medical and auxiliary staff with the ability to resist negative effects when the skill is turned on, and reduce the time when they are affected by time effective debuff such as vertigo and armor breaking. It is the first staff member with resistance class effect after existing role relay Ceylon.

Breezes initial skill is relatively unsightly, which is described as increasing the amount of treatment at the cost of reducing the number of treatment goals. This description makes breeze need to pay more attention to the current defense configuration when using this skill, which is also due to the fact that the milk amount of its own group milk is slightly lower than that of the same level of monomer milk.

The highlight skill of breeze lies in the second skill acquired after its elitism. When this skill is turned on, breeze will increase its treatment amount, and change the treatment mode from treating multiple cadres at the same time to launching medical bombs on the cadres with the lowest current blood volume. When the medical bombs hit their own cadres, it will result in a group within the range of 3 x 3, including the target and 8 squares around it Therapeutic effect.

Obviously, the second skill of breeze is the signboard of this officer. However, the ability to treat up to nine officers at the same time seems very good, but it is difficult to avoid the terrain restrictions. On the contrary, if there is terrain suitable for the use of the skill, the duration of the two skills of breeze will make your defense unbreakable, and you are a medical officer with special attack.

Ethan may be the first member of the integration movement to abandon the dark and turn to the bright in the game, or in fact, he is still the integration movement member who originally spoke for the infected, or in fact, neither. Ethan just wants to eat.

As a maverick safranian, Ethan has some special skills beyond the reach of ordinary people by virtue of his talent and outstanding stealth ability.

Doublesa is the level of professional yo yo games. Doublesa, a skill called two handed whirlpool, is not only extremely difficult, but also the most enjoyable performance. Maybe if it wasnt for the indifference war of Tyra world, the jewel of Ethan would shine on the stage that really suits him.

Like all chameleons, Ethan is hard to see by his enemies. All spell and physical attacks against Ethan will have a 50% chance of miss. The source stone technique and yo yo technique of officer Ethan can cause damage to all enemies in the range at the same time, and have a certain chance to entangle the enemies attacked by Ethan.

Ethans initial abilities, such as enchanting weapons, or neurotoxin effects similar to blue poison, will cause continuous spell damage to all enemies under attack.

To be honest, its hard for Xiaobian to expect the amount of damage caused by this skill because of the unconventional weapon called Yo Yo. However, due to the characteristics of officer Ethan, his control ability is solid and reliable. A wave of entanglement when the big wave enemy approaches can buy a lot of time for our output point, which makes Ethans two skills very bright.

After greatly improving the trigger probability of his talent, Ethan becomes a magic type of staff who can cooperate with the auxiliary staff in the air. According to the dynamic map effect released by the official, the entanglement effect may even make the enemy unable to attack within the controlled time, but a more detailed use mode needs to wait for players to develop after the actual installation.

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