The eighth anniversary new edition of Wu Hun 2 opens today

 The eighth anniversary new edition of Wu Hun 2 opens today

Brave battle, challenge higher level

The ultimate challenge of up to 100 layers, each layer of scenes and monsters are randomly generated, bringing you fresh experience that will never be repeated! Every time you pass 1 level, you will get rich rewards. At the end of the season, you will also give extra rewards according to the ranking to win the highest glory of the top! Exclusive rookie group, new service and new players are ready, who can be the king under the same starting line?

Earn points and win the ranking

Compass search for treasure, search for secrets, control the harvest and increase the combat power

The challenge of disordered season is in full swing, and the new playing method secret treasure tracing of Wuhun 2 is also setting off a boom of treasure hunting! Find the treasure map, use the compass to locate the treasure, and you will personally control the location results: the more times you click the positive position, the higher the quality of the secret treasure you will finally get!

Treasure hunt reward, its up to you

Common, rare, legendary, different quality secret treasures have different bonuses. Up to 8 equipment slots can make players match different combinations. PvP and PVE can deal with it freely!

With the favorite secret treasure, players can also cultivate the secret treasure through cultivation, casting, and soul injection, so that it has a stronger attribute bonus, so as to obtain higher combat power, easier to challenge the replica and battle battle!

8-year welfare burst, 100% return of consumption

In addition to the massive welfare of new service, the 8th Anniversary public beta welfare of Wuhun 2 is also in full swing. All players on the server can participate! During the activity, keep online every day, there are three levels of God belt and other benefits to send! Players above level 60 can also receive public beta gift pack and get rich rewards! In addition, strengthen children to the corresponding level, there are also different rewards to send!

Full launch of 8th Anniversary benefits

Players who enter the new service will enjoy a level 70 nostalgia privilege of at least 180 days. Open service 14 days landing courtesy, growth fund 10 times return, flush flush score reward rich, more six weeks consumption full return gift, eat melon reward everyone has!

For returning old players, Wu Hun 2 also has special benefits for the eighth anniversary. No matter you go to the new service or return to the old service, you can quickly keep up with the pace of the big army! Strong account experience in specific scenes, rich benefits such as cool title, strong appearance, exclusive gift bag and weekly fixed reward, and exclusive return package sent, including various rare props, so that you can practice and strengthen without worry!

100% consumption return, buy is earn

This is Wuhun 2s 2019 League expansion the way to be king, which brings players a new battlefield and League glory! Today, the information film is officially launched. Come here and have a good fight!