Yi Ziyuan x the fifth personality AVG contest: Halloween is popular, and you are invited to play the mystery of the ancient castle feast

 Yi Ziyuan x the fifth personality AVG contest: Halloween is popular, and you are invited to play the mystery of the ancient castle feast

Do you want to push different stories for your favorite survivor or regulator? Do you want to share your brain hole with them? Come on, give the pen to my wife! This time, Neteases dimension platform (avg.163. Com) joined hands with Neteases fifth personality mobile game to build a stage for fellow creative enthusiasts to display and jointly launch the official interactive character creation contest with others.

In this competition, contestants need to use the interactive text production tools and material library embedded in Yi Yuan to create the story of the same person in the fifth personality. In addition to the command mode used by advanced players, the Yi dimensional editor also provides a canvas mode with simple operation. The operation mode of canvas mode is simple. It only needs simple dragging and typesetting to realize creation. Without code editing foundation, it is easy to make games. At the same time, the official material library provides a large number of free materials for producers to use, including background, vertical drawing, UI, BGM, sound effects, etc., so as to avoid the pain of finding materials. It can be said that the provision of these devices reduces the difficulty of game making, and the zero based Xiaobai can also create its own game! Let the contestants who do not have the technical foundation also start to make it quickly. As long as there is a brain hole, open it immediately!

At the same time, yiziyuan will also launch the fifth personality official game material library, which will open a large number of official materials for free use for creators participating in this competition, so that competitors can create their own stories without any obstacles, and start their own exclusive interpretation.

Cash and official physical surroundings for the same person competition

In this interactive reading works creation competition, the excellent interactive writing works will receive the official promotion resources and rich bonus incentives provided by Netease Yiyuan, as well as the authentic official peripheral prizes!

Pretty boy collects handmade, random Plush changing dolls, random Plush accessories You want everything here! Open the brain hole for a fight, bike becomes motorcycle!

From October 30 to December 24, it can be regarded as participating in the competition to log on to the interactive reading platform of Netease and create and release the interactive reading works related to the fifth personality.

What role did strangers play in the banquet? What truth will scattered clues spell out after memory is locked? Now pick up the puzzle - its all up to you!

If you are interested in this fifth personality competition and hope to know more about competition information, you can pay close attention to the official micro-blog @ NetEase Yi Di yuan, the WeChat public number (Yi Yuan Mei Lu Lu) and the Yi Di yuan official website (http://avg.163.com/home). At the same time, you can also join the QQ group (group number: 713587191) to communicate with the Organizing Committee directly.