A US F16 fighter plane crashes in New Mexico

 A US F16 fighter plane crashes in New Mexico

Beijing, Nov. 1 (Xinhua) - an F-16 fighter plane crashed during a flight training in southern New Mexico on the evening of Oct. 29 local time, the U.S. Air Force said, according to the China Central News Agency. A pilot was taken to hospital for treatment after successfully ejecting from the cabin. The casualties were not confirmed.

According to reports, the plane crashed about 129 kilometers southeast of the base, which was an F-16 assigned to the 49th wing of the base, according to officials at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.

The official statement also said that one of the pilots on board had been taken to the hospital, but did not provide information about his injury and identity.

According to reports, the military will send people to investigate the accident, the cause of the crash can not be confirmed immediately.

On October 8, another F-16 fighter plane, stationed at the US Air Force Base in spondalem, crashed in Germany. The pilot on the plane ejected and escaped with minor injuries.

Source: editor in charge of China News Network: Li Zaixing