North Korea is accused of launching UFO, Japan: or ballistic missile

 North Korea is accused of launching UFO, Japan: or ballistic missile

Japans Kyodo News Agency reported Wednesday that South Koreas joint staff issued a statement on the same day saying the two UFOs were launched from the South Pingan road in the middle of North Korea on the afternoon of the 31st. According to Japanese authorities, the flying objects landed outside Japans exclusive economic zone, which is 200 nautical miles (370 kilometers) from land.

On the 30th, Yonhap quoted a source who did not want to be named as saying that the South Korean military found activities of transportation, installation and launching devices used to launch missiles in North Korea.

Kim Dong yup, a former naval officer who teaches at Seouls Kyungnam University, was quoted by Reuters on Monday as saying that the launch may be the so-called operational test launch of the newly developed multi barrel rocket system, aiming to fine tune the system to achieve full production.

Reuters said the launch took place in the afternoon, different from a series of tests normally conducted around dawn this year.

North Korea has tested several new missiles this year, including a new submarine launched ballistic missile launched from a sea platform on October 2. The missiles are essential to defend South Koreas acquisition of new fighters and weapons, including the advanced F-35 stealth fighter, the report said.

North Korea tested missiles several times at the end of July and the beginning of August this year, and President trump said at that time that he was not bothered. He has stressed that these missiles are short-range missiles and reiterated that North Korea has not violated its commitment to suspend nuclear tests. Since the DPRK and the US leaders met in Panmunjom at the end of June 2019, the negotiations between the two sides have reached a deadlock. On October 5, the DPRK and the US held working consultations in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, but the two sides failed to reach an agreement.

In addition, due to the deterioration of the contradiction between Japan and South Korea, the South Korean government decided on August 22 to abandon the military intelligence protection agreement between Japan and South Korea. If South Korea does not withdraw its decision before the expiration of November 22, the agreement will lapse. According to Kyodo news agency, senior officials of the South Korean government stressed that due to the need to detect North Korean missiles, Japan needs the agreement on military intelligence protection more than South Korea.

Source: surging news editor: Li Zaixing