North Koreas girlhood proposed by Kim Jong Un will be the first stop in China

 North Koreas girlhood proposed by Kim Jong Un will be the first stop in China

Han Meitu, member of Mudanfeng Orchestra, performing

It is reported that the Mudanfeng orchestras tour performance in China will start on December 2 and end on December 28, and will be held in 11 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chongqing and Chengdu.

Network map of Mudanfeng Art Troupe Tour

As one of the organizers of this event, Wang Yan, general manager of Lightwell company, disclosed to news reporter that the performance plan was officially finalized half a month ago and all parties are looking forward to it. The performance group of Mudanfeng Orchestra in China will reach 80 people, and it is expected that the audience will reach more than 10000 people.

On the issue of ticket sales, which is of the most concern to the outside world, Wang Yan said that the performance is a national performance activity, the number of physical tickets sold to the outside world is not very large, and the ticket price has not been officially determined.

Han Meitu, member of Mudanfeng Orchestra, performing

Han Meitu, member of Mudanfeng Orchestra, performing

Mudanfeng orchestra is a female music group proposed by Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of North Korea, in 2012. It has about 20 members. The structure of the orchestra is rich, including singers, violists, drummers, keyloggers, bassists and so on. Most of the members graduated from the cradle of famous musicians in Pyongyang - Kim Yuanjun music university.

With its outstanding appearance, relaxed and lively performance style and fashionable hairstyle, the peony peak Orchestra set off a fashion storm in North Korea as soon as it started its career, which was regarded as a new atmosphere in the field of North Korean culture by the outside world.

Han Meitu, a member of Mudanfeng orchestra who is performing

The official evaluation of the Mudanfeng Orchestra in North Korea is a national treasure level art group integrating revolution, fighting content and brand-new, unique, modern and peoples forms. While praising the traditional content of the country and leaders, it integrates modern technology elements and takes the new fashion light music line.

Han Meitu, member of Mudanfeng Orchestra, performing

Unlike other Korean orchestras, Mudanfengs songs include not only traditional folk songs and revolutionary songs, but also well-known foreign works. Korean media even praised the orchestra as the Korean version of girlhood.

Han Meitu, member of Mudanfeng Orchestra, performing

Jin Zhengen has watched the bands performances for many times and commented that the peony peak band has a revolutionary and militant creative style. Therefore, every time the DPRK has an important event or holds a large-scale performance, you can see their graceful figure.

For the Chinese people, the most familiar is Xuan Songyue, the head of the North Korean peony peak Orchestra and the sanchiyuan orchestra.

On December 10, 2015, the peony peak Orchestra came to China on its first overseas tour, having a friendly visit and performance with the meritorious national Choir of the Korean peoples army in Beijing. At that time, it was xuansongyue who was in charge of foreign exchange.

Han media profile of xuansongyue and members of Mudanfeng Orchestra

The Korean art troupe has toured around China for an unprecedented time, the Korean Daily said. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and North Korea. The two countries will further enhance cultural exchanges, and the frequency is more likely to reach its peak..

Many South Korean media speculate that Kim Jong Un may cooperate with the tour and visit China again. In January this year, Kim Jong Un visited China before the Korean Friendship Art Troupe, led by Lee Yong soo, vice chairman of the Korean labor party in charge of international affairs, and Hyun sung moon, performed in Beijing.

Group photo of Jin Zhengen and members of Mudanfeng Orchestra

In January this year, Geng Shuang, a spokesman for the Ministry of foreign affairs, said that cultural and artistic exchanges have always been an important part of the distinctive and traditional China DPRK relations. The close exchanges between China and North Koreas literary and art groups will strongly promote the exchanges and mutual learning in the field of culture and art between the two countries, consolidate the public opinion basis of China DPRK friendship, and add new and rich connotations to the inheritance of China DPRK traditional friendship.

Itinerary of Mudanfeng Art Troupe (tentative) photos of interviewees

Geng Shuang said that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the DPRK. China is willing to work with the DPRK to implement the important consensus of the top leaders of both parties and countries, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in various fields, further benefit the two peoples, and make positive contributions to regional and world peace, stability, development and prosperity.

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