Xiao Jingteng and Jay Chou have a Halloween

 Xiao Jingteng and Jay Chou have a Halloween

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Chou held a Halloween party yesterday, with friends Liu nonghong, Xiao Jingteng, etc

Netease Entertainment Daily reported on November 1 that according to Taiwan media, Xiao Jingteng (old Xiao) led Lion to participate in the campus concert of Cultural University on October 30, singing the new songs beauty, ugliness and me, our love and other songs. The group members were excited because they didnt sing on campus for a long time. Old Xiao was full of energy and said hello to the students, I was really nervous just under the stage, because the front time exceeded. Im afraid we wont be able to finish the singing.

Lion sang selfless on the stage, while the staff wrote a note to remind them to pay attention to the time the end of this song. Unexpectedly, Lao Xiao took the note and showed it to the audience. Then he tore it off immediately, clapped and applauded under the stage. The atmosphere was super high. They worked hard throughout the performance. Xiao once climbed onto the stage railings and sang three more songs until the microphone was dead. At last, he timed out for 30 minutes to let the students listen well.

Zhou Dong as cowboy Hu Di

As the head of the alumni of Cultural University, Li Q recounts his favorite delicacies in the school before, I didnt think its wonderful to return to the school as a performer after leaving the society. Off stage fans also shouted to focus on Q: learn well!

Yesterday, old Xiao attended a Halloween party held by his friend Jay Chou. He was a cowboy named Hu Di in toy story. There were also roles such as Buzz Lightyear, three eyed monster and Aladdin on the scene. Old Xiao changed to Will Smith, wearing a dark complexion and thick curly hair, which was totally unrecognizable. When Zhou shared photos on the social platform, old Xiao proudly said, I can only Say Im the most serious.

Source: editor in charge of Netease Entertainment: Ma Wenjing, nbjs9027