CCTV talk about flow stars: where is the rise of yishue Qianxi and luhans?

 CCTV talk about flow stars: where is the rise of yishue Qianxi and luhans?

Because of a young you, the acting skills of the flow cast Yi yiyiqianxi are appreciated by most netizens. At the same time, some netizens have noticed that when the actors born in the millennium are gradually coming out, the reputation of the first generation of traffic stars Lu Han and Wu Yifan has gradually collapsed.

Today (31), CCTV 6 broadcast today film review also focused on this phenomenon. Tan Fei, the film critic, thinks that narcissism is the epitaph of handsome men and beautiful women. Many idols will change from flow to meteor because they are speculative. They appear to make fast money. Therefore, they will be eliminated because the cinema does not believe in tears.

This issue of todays film review takes where did Lu Hans go as the title, and discusses the current situation of a group of flow actors represented by Lu Han, such as Huang Zitao, Wu Yifan, Li Yifeng, etc.

The names of these traffic are often active in the covers of various films, variety shows and magazines. However, if their works are mentioned, many viewers will suddenly lose their voice. In addition, in the face of traffic, audiences tend to connect them with words like ungrounded and no acting. Why is that?

Tan Fei thinks that flow is not a sin in itself, because flow represents that you have a good mass base. What our society dislikes is the excessive and false praise of flow.

The reason why some traffic turns into meteors is that its speculative. Its just to make fast money. In fact, its not ready to cross the border. Its also disrespect for the industry barriers. You cant make progress when youre an actor, and youll be eliminated.

Of course, Tan Fei also expressed the audiences misunderstanding about the flow of actors. He thought that the poor reputation of some works could not be attributed to one person. For example, the failure of Shanghai fortress was not all Lu Hans pot.

The reason why traffic becomes traffic is that there are reasons for fans, companies, platforms and advertisers. Everyone may take what they need in this kind of common fraud to meet their own interests, but the false things will collapse one day and become a mirage. At this time, there will be a chicken feather left.

Because, the cinema doesnt believe in tears.

He also made an analysis. Objectively speaking, the flow actors have a strong choice of works, so dont worry about a lot of things. Dont watch others play a movie. He is also in a hurry to pick up one. He thinks that its the style of a family to choose a good script, seize a good opportunity and sit in a flat place, walk to a wide place attitude.

When it comes to action, actors should live and study hard.

Tan Fei for example, serious life is that performance is one thing, but after the makeup is removed, the actors have to live seriously. They cant get up every morning and look in the mirror, and think they are beautiful and handsome. Narcissism is the epitaph of handsome men and beautiful women..

Another point is to keep watching movies, and gradually understand in the process. He said that what is really attractive is that the work is the individual. When the individual is integrated into the work, the flow can really play a role.

This time, after the young you became popular, some netizens commented on social media, while the reputation of the first generation of flow stars collapsed, the actors born around the Millennium gradually emerged.

So, why do actors have faults? Tan Fei believes that in fact, the reason why the reputation of the first generation of idols collapses collectively is that they lack the experience of serious life: we see a lot of traffic in the first generation, and they spend a lot of golden time in their lives in South Korea. At the most complex and sensitive time of their emotions, they experience closed training, unable to contact the outside world.

So, some of the first generation traffic, some of his performance back, will make you dumbfounded. He really didnt have the experience and environment to get into the prescribed situation as soon as possible.

Secondly, it seems to be even more difficult for some traffic to study with all ones life. why does it become a meteor? Its because its speculation. Its just to make fast money

Talking about the good performance of yijianqianxi in the young mans you, Tan Fei thinks that there may be many reasons for the success, such as the age of the role is relatively consistent, the understanding of students life is more in-depth, and so on, but it cant be asserted that he is a good actor and cant become a winner.

As a flow, you need to think about whether you want to be a virtual and empty idol who only knows how to earn money, or a good actor who insists and has works.

Source: responsible editor of observer network: Ma Wenjing, nbjs9027