More democratic and more popular! Rules for the selection of the best international film Oscar

 More democratic and more popular! Rules for the selection of the best international film Oscar

The five films are selected from a short list of 10 films. The short list of 10 films is first selected by the college committee from the films selected by all the registered regions. This year, 93 countries and regions selected and sent films to compete for the best international film at the Oscars, that is, 10 out of 93, 5 out of 10, and 1 out of 5.

On December 16 this year, 10 short lists of the awards will be announced, 5 nominations will be announced on January 13 next year, and the awards will be presented on February 9.

In the 93 films, mainland China selected the devil child of Nezha comes to earth, Hong Kong, China sweeping poison 2: the battle between heaven and earth, Taiwan, China who falls in love with him first.

There are also some high-profile films selected from other regions: parasites in South Korea, son of the weather in Japan, pain and glory in Spain, miserable world in France, Atlantic Ocean in Senegal, hip hop in India, etc.

It is reported that the chairman of the Executive Committee of best international film has sent an email to all members of the Oscar, telling them that they can vote for the final nominated works from the shortlist of 10 shortlisted works. The nominations will be seven. This is the first time in history that all Oscar voters have been allowed to vote on the nomination list.

The move comes as Oscar recently launched its academy screening room, a streaming media for members of the Academy, the Academys judges, to watch the films they signed up for. In the past, the best foreign language films were screened in Los Angeles, New York and London over a weekend for a small number of College members to watch and submit nominations. Now college members around the world can watch movies on streaming media and make choices.

Source: editor in charge of Netease Entertainment: Ma Wenjing, nbjs9027