What do 15 guest countries want to show in the National Exhibition of the Expo?

 What do 15 guest countries want to show in the National Exhibition of the Expo?

This year, the total exhibition area of the national exhibition is 30000 square meters, with 64 countries (including China) and 3 international organizations participating. Among them, 15 guest countries (in alphabetical order) are Cambodia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, India, Italy, Jamaica, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Peru, Russia, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Zambia. As a centralized display platform for the development achievements, business environment and characteristic industries of all countries, the image design of all pavilions participating in the National Exhibition of the fair is ingenious.

When entering the exhibition hall from gate 01 of hall 5.2, the booths of the three international organizations, namely the international trade center, the World Trade Organization and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, are the first to be seen. The three international exhibition stands with white as the main color have completed the basic construction work and are in the process of decoration and arrangement.


This year, at the invitation of President Xi Jinping, French President Mucklow, Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis, Jamaica Prime Minister Holzer and Prime Minister Bull Nabi Chi of Serbia will attend the opening ceremony and related activities of the Expo.

The French Pavilion looks low-key and simple, but its display content is very rich. The main color of the stand is white. Different floor colors are used to divide the stand into exhibitor area, public area, speech area, tasting area and interactive experience area. The white transparent tower in the middle of the exhibition stand symbolizes the Paris tower and is also the public area of the exhibition stand, where visitors can consult and visit; on the left side is the exhibitor area, which is divided into four major themes: healthy and sustainable development city, food, wine and technology, which can be visited by professional visitors; on the back side is the tasting area, where guests can taste French food and wine, on the other side is the speech area, which will be held during the exhibition On the right side is the interactive experience area, where tourists can enjoy the local customs of eight regions in France through wearing VR glasses.

The Czech Republic is also a guest of honor this year. The reporter confirmed from the Czech Embassy in China that the speaker of the house of representatives of the Czech Republic, Mr. radk von dracek, will lead the official delegation to participate this year. The Czech Pavilion is full of industrial style. The reporter saw on the spot that a car covered by red head and a small aircraft had been placed in the pavilion. It is said that when the Czech Pavilion is officially unveiled, the audience will experience the worlds fastest ultralight aircraft, the used edible oil will be converted into the patented technology of biodegradation of cosmetics, the ultralight clothing made of nanofibers, as well as extremely sophisticated optical equipment and high-end design lamps. All of these will be accompanied by the romantic tone of Czech piano, mellow Czech beer and famous Czech cuisine. In addition, visitors will have a look at its outstanding crystal and glass exhibits in the Czech Republic Pavilion.


Peru National Pavilion, the overall design of the Peru fully absorbed the essence of traditional architecture and textile technology, its crisscross silk threads painted colorful ancient animals and geometric patterns. Peru is the most Alpaca country in the world, with high-end textiles as its characteristics. At last years Expo, Perus National Pavilion put a huge Alpaca in the exhibition hall, becoming a red card punching place. This eye-catching practice will be continued this year.


Cambodias booth seems to have moved the royal palace to the Expo, and many details are worth tasting. The whole venue and roof are modeled after the Royal Palace of Cambodia, and the gate of the venue is modeled after the gate of Preah Vihear Temple. The Cambodian National name and national flag will be placed on the roof respectively, and the roof is supported by the elf on the column The exhibition area of other spaces is mainly used to display Cambodian characteristic commodities, distribute economic and trade publicity materials, promote Khmer culture, tourism and investment.


Jordan booth will be known as one of the seven new wonders of the world, Petra ancient city moved into the Expo. While visiting, visitors can also watch the development of Jordans industries, such as industry, energy, agriculture, tourism, information and communication industry and medical tourism.

Kazakhstan vs Uzbekistan

As Chinas friendly neighbors, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have made great efforts to show their international image through the Expo platform.

With the image of four enterprises in Kazakhstan as the background, the exhibition hall of Kazakhstan shows the beautiful vision of the people of Kazakhstan who are committed to the future development of the country. With 12 units, Uzbek stands will respectively show the development achievements in tourism, automobile manufacturing, light industry, chemical industry, food industry and other fields, and will introduce the latest investment projects in detail.

Located at the intersection of two main channels, Russias big Russia is very striking. During the exhibition, visitors can enjoy the excellent works of Russian music, feel the pleasant natural scenery, understand the most advanced scientific and technological achievements, and experience the social and cultural life of Slavic people.


Thailand Pavilion, mainly in yellow, red and white colors, uses the rising curve shape to show that China and Thailand jointly carry out business and strengthen cooperation through the important innovation platform of China International Fair. At the same time, Thailand Pavilion will also display Thai innovative agricultural products and construction product innovation (API), as well as featured goods and services such as transportation, logistics, digital connectivity, future planning of personal travel from Thailand trade network.


The Malaysia pavilion has demonstrated the commitment and support of the Malaysian side to Chinas one belt and one road initiative. The design of the two islands linked symbolizes the importance of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road in promoting the high quality development of the global economy.


The theme of India Pavilion is India changing with each passing day: a country full of infinite possibilities. It aims to vigorously publicize Indias international status and huge development potential and present a country changing with each passing day. It has a long tradition, rich culture, special food and colorful art. In addition, the exhibition stand will also comprehensively introduce Indias investment advantages. Its different industry categories not only reflect the diversification of Indias economy, but also reflect Indias export advantages.


The contents of the National Pavilion will focus on cultural heritage, hospitality and Greek cuisine. The Greek Pavilion, modeled on the ancient Greek temple, is divided into three parts: the first part is about hotels and tourism, and will include a virtual reality experience area and a new jewelry exhibition. The second part is the food area, where there will be Greek food, wine and spirits for the audience to taste. The third part is the video area of Greek cultural heritage and Greek traditional dance performance.


From the perspective of construction status, the Italian booth is one of the few two-story buildings. With the commercial and tourist attractions as the main design inspiration source, the Italian booth chose to create a concept of small city, selected the iconic and famous historic elements with Italian characteristics, integrated the modular and multi-functional design concept, and concentrated the Millennium meaning of the Renaissance in 256 square meters.


At the sight of Jamaica, I think many people will feel a strong Caribbean style. Through the modeling of thatched roof shed, coffee bar and so on, Jamaica Pavilion shows the local customs of Jamaica. At the same time, through the form of VR combined with large screen, to spread local culture and increase business cooperation opportunities, to promote Jamaicas foreign investment.

Maybe you dont know that there is a small zoo hidden in the national exhibition. Its on the booth in Zambia! The rich colors in the exhibition stand of Zambia collided violently, and many sculptures of animals with Zambian characteristics were set up, making the whole design full of vitality and interest. At the same time, Zambia booth also brought many local characteristic products for the audience to visit and enjoy.

It is reported that after entering the Expo this year, all participating countries and international organizations will be extended, and ordinary visitors can also visit.