Hot spots of science and technology speculation? Attention letter of 20 million incoming blockchain

 Hot spots of science and technology speculation? Attention letter of 20 million incoming blockchain

On October 28, the announcement of hezong technology disclosed that it planned to invest 20 million yuan in blockchain enterprise chain based technology. The main business entity of linkben technology is its wholly-owned subsidiary Beijing Caizhi Technology Co., Ltd., which focuses on the related services of artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain system, and has completed the development of blockchain information services for multiple industry-level applications. However, linkben technology has been in a state of loss in recent two years, with a net profit of - 1677900 yuan in 2018 and - 1588200 yuan in January September 2019. Hezong technology said that the investment can improve the operation and management efficiency of distribution electricity, explore the application of the alliance chain of the distribution Internet of things, and promote the blockchain technology platform accumulated by the chain based technology.

In response, hezong technology received a letter of concern from Shenzhen Stock Exchange on October 31. Shenzhen stock exchange requires hezong science and technology to provide additional explanations: the development of alliance chain application business for distribution of electricity and distribution of the Internet of things; the relevance of artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain technology owned by Caizhi science and technology to hezong science and technology business; commercial application scenarios and profit models; whether there is a situation catering to the hot market speculation.

Insufficient application scenarios

So how much is the business of hezong technology related to the blockchain? Referring to the above layout of hezong technology, Lin Boqiang, Dean of China Energy Policy Research Institute of Xiamen University, told the daily economic news that from the perspective of power operation and maintenance, distribution and sales business, there are no mature scenarios and cases combining with blockchain technology, and it is uncertain whether the application of relevant technologies can really improve efficiency. In addition, Lin Boqiang reminded that currently, blockchain technology is a hot topic of concern to the outside world, but it is not advisable to invest blindly without considering whether your business scenario can truly integrate with blockchain technology.

According to an electric power research expert, blockchain has distinct characteristics of anti-counterfeiting, anti tampering, traceability and efficiency improvement. Its technical form is consistent with the construction of the power Internet of things, which can promote mutual trust between upstream and downstream industries, realize efficient data sharing, improve risk prevention ability, and effectively solve the problems of data fusion, network security, Multi-Agent Coordination and so on in the process of the construction of the power Internet of things. But at present, the related technology is still in the initial stage of exploration.

Li Ming, director of blockchain Research Office of China Institute of electronic technology standardization, Ministry of industry and information technology, told the daily economic news that many listed companies have layout for blockchain at present. For the listed companies, they need to combine their own business to find the pain point of real integration with blockchain to provide better services for users. From the perspective of users or interested parties, it is necessary to see clearly the essence and development form of blockchain technology, deeply understand relevant technologies, products and services, and make decisions based on the actual situation.

In addition, Li Ming said that in order for more listed companies to find a blockchain scenario suitable for their own industry, relevant departments will continue to make efforts in the formulation of blockchain standards, guide the industry development according to the standards, clarify the development direction and implementation path, and maintain the benign development ecology of the industry through testing and other means, so as to provide decision-making basis for the industry development and let the industry There is a more clear direction for the layout of.

Source: editor in charge of daily economic news: Yang bin_nf4368