From 128 yuan! 5g officially launched the package of three major commercial operators

 From 128 yuan! 5g officially launched the package of three major commercial operators

Compared with 4G package, the threshold of 5g package officially released by the three major operators has increased. Overall, the pricing strategies of the three operators are similar, and the prices are divided into several levels. The 5g package with the lowest price of three operators includes 30GB traffic, 500 minutes of calls, and 128 yuan or 129 yuan. The most expensive package of the three operators includes 300 GB of traffic and 3000 minutes of calls. The price is 598 yuan or 599 yuan.

Taking China Mobile as an example, the 5g personal package is 128 yuan at least, including 500 minutes of voice time and 30GB of mobile traffic.

In order to prevent high out of set traffic charges, the 5g package launched by the operator can be smoothly connected with the original package, and the price of out of set traffic will also be optimized to 3 yuan / GB.

In the age of 5g, the unit price of traffic has been reduced, and the design of package has also changed qualitatively. The selection of package tariff will be more diversified to meet various needs of consumers. Wang Heying, deputy general manager of marketing department of China Mobile Beijing company, said that for example, the demand for online speed guarantee at the event or concert site, priority acceleration when playing games or grabbing tickets, etc. are all to be taken into account when designing the package.

5g signal range

According to Xinhua news agency, as of the end of September, China Unicom has deployed 25000 5g base stations in more than 40 large and medium-sized cities, and is expected to build 40000 in the whole year; the number of 5g base stations of China Telecom is basically the same as that of China Unicom. Up to now, China Mobile has carried out 5g network construction in more than 300 cities nationwide, and has built more than 40000 5g base stations in more than 50 key cities.

It is worth noting that not only the traditional base station will carry 5g equipment, but also street lights, building sides, etc. will become a new scene of 5g intelligent base station. In just 100 days, we have completed the construction of 3200 5g base stations in Hangzhou West Lake scenic area, airport expressway, Olympic Sports Center and other areas. Dou Li, President of China Tower Communication Technology Research Institute, said.

It is reported that the first batch of cities with 5g commercial service opened by the three major operators is 50. At present, the first tier cities cover a large area, and the signal coverage in remote areas is less. Experts in the industry said that based on independent networking technology, construction cost, strategic layout of operators and other factors, 5g network will give priority to the first tier cities and some key areas in China, and it will take a long time before full coverage in China.

5g terminal equipment

5g mobile phone price will gradually decrease

For 5g mobile phones that consumers care about, many mobile phone brands at home and abroad have launched 5g products, including Huawei mate305g series, vivo 3, vivo Qoo pro, Xiaomi 9pro5g, Samsung S105G version, Samsung note10 + 5g and ZTE axon10pro, with prices ranging from more than 3000 yuan to tens of thousands yuan each.

Today, Huawei mate30 series 5g mobile phones with kylin 9905gsoc and SA / nsa5g dual-mode are also officially on sale, starting from 4999 yuan.

Up to now, China Unicom has launched more than 10 5g commercial mobile phones, of which the current price is only 3600 yuan. At the beginning of next year, 5g mobile phones will be launched with more varieties and higher cost performance.

When the industry is more mature, the price of 5g mobile phones will gradually reduce in accordance with the rhythm of high, middle and low-end. Wang said.

5g application scenario

More and more industry applications

According to Xinhua news agency, recently, the power Internet of things construction project in charge of China Telecom passed the acceptance in Guquan converter station in Anhui Province, marking the official application of 5g communication technology to the field of ultra-high voltage power; the 5g intelligent bus borne big data real-time monitoring platform built in Guangzhou has realized the efficient scheduling of buses

In 2019 China International Communication Exhibition, Wu Hequan, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, said that with 5g + blockchain technology, the inventory of finished products or semi-finished products of small and medium-sized enterprises can be mortgaged to the bank as real estate, and the bank uses 5g monitoring to realize real-time supervision of goods, so as to solve the problem of loan difficulty for small and medium-sized enterprises.

He said that after the arrival of 5g, banks can use the Internet of things to conduct real-time supervision of real estate, realize the coordination of logistics, capital flow and information flow, with block chain management, adapt to the short-term, short-term, frequent and urgent needs of enterprises, borrow and pay as they go, and solve the traditional loan problem for small and medium-sized enterprises.

In the next few years, 5g is expected to have more applications in the fields of peoples livelihood, such as pension, education, medical care, intelligent life, etc., to meet the needs of peoples digital life. Zeng Jianqiu, Professor, School of economics and management, Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications.