How about this weeks 3 blockchain stocks being investigated by large fund and securities companies?

 How about this weeks 3 blockchain stocks being investigated by large fund and securities companies?

According to the data of tonghuashun, looking up the investor relations, the reporter found that since last weeks good news in the blockchain industry burst out, as of the evening of October 31, a total of 5 listed companies were asked about blockchain related issues in this weeks research, including 3 involving financial institutions visiting.

Some problems come from online roadshows or teleconferences, which are suspected of self explosion, while some investor relations records come from door-to-door research by large-scale institutions, which also touch on the real appearance of blockchain concept stocks.

In the survey, MEDA digital revealed that it has invested in data encryption technology and blockchain technology companies; Shenzhou information said that it has already implemented cases; Sanfu outdoor responded to enthusiastic institutional questioners: we can try. And some listed companies, simply through telephone interaction, online roadshow, take the initiative to burst out their own blockchain development ideas.

This week, MEDA figures were investigated by financial institutions on October 28 and 29. Among them, in the 29 day research, there were 25 participating institutions, including many securities companies and private funds, a few public funds and insurance companies, but the research content of that day did not mention blockchain.

Four fund companies, including southern fund, Boshi fund, Baoying fund and China Merchants Fund, participated in the survey on August 28. In addition to the questions about the companys operation, the relevant researchers of four large public funds also asked whether the companies involved in blockchain and whether the companies had blockchain business.

The main problems of the survey on that day were to introduce the companys operation. How is the existing business of the companys intelligent hardware sector developed? MEDA digital response, the companys intelligent lighting business, the company is located in the design, research and development, production and sales of intelligent lighting products, to provide lighting solutions for users. Intelligent power supply and industrial control related business. The core products of the companys intelligent hardware sector are mainly intelligent lighting, intelligent power supply and intelligent control.

For specific blockchain related issues, several public raised questions about whether there are any enterprises involved in blockchain business that McDonnell digital has invested in in recent years.

MEDA digital responded that its participating enterprises initiated and participated in the implementation of the unitedata data chain project at the end of 2018. The project is based on encryption technology to make data and transactions on the chain more secure, involving data encryption technology and blockchain technology, and is committed to ensuring the safe and orderly use of data. As an important participant in the field of domestic blockchain, it has been registered by the second batch of blockchain information services of the State Grid Information Office.

As for whether the companys business has the application of blockchain technology, one of the important preconditions for McDonnell digitals response and precision marketing is the modeling analysis and application of big data. One of the original intentions of McDonnell digitals participation in launching the digital chain project is to seek a feasible solution in this field.

The data chain tries to use the cutting-edge multi-party security computing, and through the independently developed blockchain intelligent data contract technology, under the premise of protecting the users privacy, carries out joint modeling and machine learning, so as to legally tap the data value in compliance and give full play to the potential of the digital economy. At present, the specific business of smart marketing of McDonnell has been related to the development of several chains.

Shenzhou information: there have been landing cases

On October 25, three companies visited Shenzhou information. Previously, in the course of investigation, Shenzhou information was also asked about blockchain for many times.

According to tonghuashun data, on October 27, Dongxing securities, China Europe Fund and RONGTONG fund visited Shenzhou information.

The main problem of the three organizations is what has the company done in blockchain? How will the company promote the application of blockchain technology? Does the company have blockchain related products? What is the future prospect of blockchain technology in the field of financial science and technology?

In response to Shenzhou information, the company began to track and Research on blockchain in 2016. The company also set up a blockchain Research Institute, which has a special team to study the underlying technology, has mastered the core technology of blockchain, and adheres to independent innovation. As one of the founding members of the gold chain alliance open source working group, the company has jointly built the gold chain alliance blockchain bottom open source platform with Tencent and other enterprises, which is open to the whole financial industry. In addition, blockchain laboratory will be established with academicians of Beihang in the near future.

Shenzhou information has also conducted a lot of research and development around the reconstruction of the bank core, clearing and reconciliation platform and other systems, and has applied relevant technologies to the companys open banking platform and other financial software. In addition, the company has landing cases in supply chain finance, integration, capital clearing and prepayment security, and is enabling industry applications in various fields with technology. Blockchain technology is a kind of underlying technology, which may be the mainstream technology in the next 20 years. It is a kind of transformation and reconstruction of underlying protocol.

Sanfu outdoor: we can try

On October 30, Shanghai Chunshan Xintang Investment Management Co., Ltd., a sunshine private equity firm, investigated Sanfu outdoor alone.

In addition to some questions about the companys third quarter report, I also asked whether the company had any ideas on the application of blockchain technology sports. In the face of the enthusiastic expression of private equity institutions, Sanfu outdoors response is: we can try.

Chunshan Xintangs question is, now artificial intelligence and blockchain technology are more and more popular. Whats the companys idea about the application of blockchain technology in the field of sports?

Sanfu outdoor response: at present, major countries in the world are accelerating the development of blockchain technology. China has a good foundation in the field of blockchain. We should accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industry innovation, and actively promote the development of blockchain and economic and social integration. Although the company has not directly applied the blockchain technology, Sanfu outdoor is one of the most eye-catching scenes in all industries with the nature of decentralization.

We can try to build a fan community based on the blockchain, make fans who like outdoor and sports economic, develop apps for outdoor fitness, strengthen users sports habits with reward mechanism, and provide more transparent information for outdoor events and parent-child outdoor parks to increase the income of outdoor services.

An Nuoqis online roadshow calls for the development and operation of IP digital blockchainu201c

On October 29, anoch responded to blockchain related issues on the online road show interactive platform of tonghuashun.

Annuoqi responded by investing in the project. Based on the needs of big digital layout, the IP digital blockchain developed and operated by the blockchain cloud platform serves for brand protection and product empowerment in the digital printing industry chain, so as to better enable blockchain technology in the development and promotion of derivatives such as digital development brand IP, artist copyright and cultural and creative copyright Application makes the transaction process more transparent and copyright protection more powerful.

Annie Co., Ltd. opened a blockchain special session through interactive telephone, with 38 blockchains in the full text of the record

On the afternoon of October 28, Annie shares had a telephone interaction with investors, in which it was just a blockchain special session, 38 blockchains were recorded in the full text.

For example, in terms of legal services, on April 9 this year, Beijing Internet Court adopted the case of blockchain evidence collection, which comes from the docking of copyright blockchain and balance chain of Beijing Internet court. By directly quoting the evidence and data on the copyright blockchain, it can directly adjudicate, which greatly improves the work efficiency of legal workers.

As for the specific services from which Annies realization in the blockchain comes, and the business model, Annies response, blockchain technology supports six service contents of copyright in terms of copyright services.

Copyright confirmation service, copyright legal service (including copyright protection and monitoring), copyright trading service, and subsequent copyright licensing service, financial service and copyright asset management service. Blockchain is a very important support of the bottom technology in the whole service system, and Annie shares will benefit from these services

Our reporter Hou Xiaoxi and Chen Peng