Over 840 billion yuan of public funds raised in the first 10 months before the big increase of gold absorption capacity

 Over 840 billion yuan of public funds raised in the first 10 months before the big increase of gold absorption capacity

According to the data, the fund raising scale of newly established funds from January to October 2016, January to October 2017 and January to October 2018 reached 653 billion yuan, 531.3 billion yuan and 701.6 billion yuan respectively.

Multiple factors combined effect

Since this year, the technology, consumption, medicine and other sectors preferred by public funds have continued to soar, which has affected the profit-making effect of equity funds significantly. Taking the active partial stock fund as an example, statistics show that as of October 30, the average annual return rate of this kind of fund has been close to 30%, and the number of funds with performance over 50% has reached 351, among which the highest return is close to 100%. Thus, the enthusiasm of investors for fund layout is aroused, which makes the burst fund appear frequently.

Xingquan Hetai sold 30 billion yuan a day, and was forced to sell in proportion, with a final fundraising amount of nearly 6 billion yuan; the fundraising scale of several active equity funds, such as southern smart smart mix and Qianhai open source high-quality growth, exceeded 6 billion yuan. At the same time, passive equity products are also blooming everywhere. The first ETF in Pingan Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area has raised more than 6 billion yuan, and China 5g communication ETF has attracted 4.15 billion yuan for the first time.

In addition, the reporter also noted that the high popularity of innovative varieties has also become an important driver of fund absorption. According to wind statistics, up to now, there have been 8 funds raising more than 10 billion yuan, which is much higher than other years. Among them, the largest issue scale is Minsheng plus bank of China China agricultural development bond in 1-3 years, with an issue scale of 22.4 billion. In addition, the issue scale of BOCs national development bond in 1-3 years, Penghuas national development bond in 1-3 years, Guoshou securitys national development bond in 1-3 years, BOCOMs agricultural development bond in 1-3 years and other funds also exceeds 10 billion yuan. Among equity funds, the issuance scale of innovation driven ETF by Boshi central enterprises and innovation driven ETF by Jiashi Zhongzheng central enterprises is 16.7 billion yuan and 13.3 billion yuan respectively.

It is reported that products such as Minsheng plus bank china bonds for 1-3 years agricultural development are all bond index funds, which are innovative bond bases. With the continuous pressure on the commodity based yield, bond index funds have rapidly become the hot spots in the eyes of institutions this year. According to wind statistics, 40 bond index funds have been established in 2019, and the number of such products was only 28 from 2011 to 2017, compared with 17 in 2018. While the innovation driven funds of central enterprises provide new asset allocation tools for the investment in the scientific and technological innovation ability of central enterprises and the scientific and technological forces with real cutting-edge advantages in China. Statistics show that as an innovation variety, the first four innovation ETFs of central enterprises have been issued in a hot way, attracting more than 40 billion yuan in total.

Source: editor in charge of Shanghai Securities News: Ren Hui, nbj9607