82 times of embezzlement of public funds by a cashier in Hunan Province has not been found for nearly 60 million 8 years

 82 times of embezzlement of public funds by a cashier in Hunan Province has not been found for nearly 60 million 8 years

On October 16, Wuling District branch of Changde Bureau of land and resources of Hunan Province held a warning education conference.

A deputy chief and cashier of the Bureaus financial unit embezzled 59.40925 million yuan of public funds in 8 years. The warning film made everyone stare, the scene is heavy, even breathing sound can be heard. Description of a cadre attending the meeting.

The problems exposed in this case are worth pondering.

For the first time, move 240000 yuan

Yao Zhengbin, the deputy chief of the company, started his career by playing cards and gambling.

In 2007, Yao Zhengbin was transferred to the financial unit of Wuling District branch as cashier; the next year, he was promoted to vice chief and cashier. With the change of his job position, more and more friends are around him. They eat, drink and play together, and their activities are enriched.

At the beginning, I just hit running beard . For 10 yuan, I won thousands of yuan in a game. Yao Zhengbin said that at first, he played occasionally, and then almost every day.

When the cards are big, the mentality changes gradually. There are all the people who play cards together. Watching them spend a lot of money and win or lose a game of cards is worth my salary for several months, sometimes I feel very depressed because of the imbalance in my heart. Making money, making a lot of money, became the most urgent need of Yao Zhengbin at that time.

A chance, Yao Zhengbin stared at the units public funds.

In May 2011, he found that the project of a demolition account under his management had been basically completed, a sum of money remained unsettled and there was no daily expenditure. He felt that he could move a little secretly. As long as he could return it in time, it would not be a big deal. This time, he moved 240000 yuan.

8 years, 82 times, more than 59.4 million yuan removed

After all, its the first time that Yao Zhengbin is guilty. It wasnt long before he paid back the money.

But after tasting the sweetness, Yao Zhengbin thought it was a good way to get rich. In the following days, he took his company account as his credit card and used it whenever he wanted. Although there are many times of misappropriation, each time the amount is not large and it has to be timely. Until October 2016, he received a text message pushed by a gambling website.

I just thought it was fun. I ordered it. From then on, he misappropriated the public funds crazily, increased the gambling money unceasingly, the gambler psychology drags him to the bottomless abyss. From October 2016 to the crime, in more than two years, he misappropriated 53 times of public funds, 44.8483 million yuan, for online gambling.

In March this year, Yao Zhengbin made repayment to the unit through internet transfer. Due to the delay of the banking system, he failed to arrive at the account on that day, which was found by other financial personnel

According to the investigation, Yao Zhengbin used his position to misappropriate the account of Changde urban land development and consolidation center, the account of Wuling District branch of Municipal Bureau of land and resources, the temporary account of Langzhou North Road demolition project, the trade union account of Wuling District branch of Municipal Bureau of land and resources for 82 times from May 2011 to February 2019, totaling over 59.4 million yuan.

Why the misappropriation hasnt been found in 8 years

I worked in the financial unit in 2007, and this year is the 12th year. No matter how strict the system is, working for such a long time, it is inevitable to find some loopholes or space to maneuver. Yao Zhengbin said that after a long time in a post, you will not only feel tired, but also accumulate a lot of experience and contacts.

Yao Zhengbin said that the reason why he misappropriated public funds for eight years has not been found is that on the one hand, he used the funds to turn around, on the other hand, he stamped the private seal of the unit leader privately through the false invoices, and then included the expenditures in the invoices of regular expenditures.

Before that, he wanted to rotate posts, but failed to get approval. Slowly, he got used to it, and even liked it. Now looking back, its necessary to rotate regularly

Unfortunately, there is no turning back in the world. The peoples Court of Wuling district made a first instance decision. Yao Zhengbin was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for the crime of misappropriating public funds and ordered to return 7.51 million yuan within a time limit.

Set up a rectification team to establish, implement and Reform

In the investigation of the case, the supervision committee of Wuling Discipline Inspection Commission found that the financial management of Wuling District branch of Changde Municipal Bureau of land and resources was extensive, the management of cheques and seals was chaotic, the financial supervision was formalistic, and there were serious loopholes in the system supervision, which objectively gave Yao Zhengbin a chance. Three persons in charge of the Bureau were given party discipline punishment.

From the case of Yao Zhengbin, it reflects that there are serious loopholes in our prevention and control measures and system management... On October 16, Zhu Yongjun, director of Wuling District Bureau, made a self-examination at the warning meeting.

In view of the loopholes in the system, the Bureau has set up a special leading group for rectification, which makes the legislative reform according to the supervision proposal issued by the District Commission for Discipline Inspection. For example, the auditors are required to conduct a comprehensive audit and check of the financial accounts; adjust the office space of the financial unit from two upstairs and downstairs to one, so as to facilitate the mutual supervision of the financial personnel; each financial personnel is equipped with a separate safe, so as to facilitate the retention of bills and clarify the responsibilities; refine the regulations on the management of the seal of the unit, and the private seal of the legal person is changed from that of the financial unit to that of the legal person of the unit , add the bill review link

The case of Yao Zhengbin also taught a profound lesson to the cadres and staff of the Bureau. This case has never touched you before. In the warning film, I saw that the people around me were prisoners, which shocked all the participants. The red line of discipline and law cant be touched! Li Zhigang, deputy secretary of the Bureau, said with deep feelings.

Source: website editor of the State Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC Central Committee: Xiao Qigu nn6799