Wechat seal outside the chain, spell a lot of people will not live? I think too much.

 Wechat seal outside the chain, spell a lot of people will not live? I think too much.

Wechat is going to attack the outside chain, and social e-commerce media will be destroyed. This is the sentence that appears in the news from time to time during this period.

Tencent is back

Since 2016, wechat has been cracking down on various illegal external chains. On October 18, wechat upgraded the wechat external link content management specification to the new regulations on external chain management, which defined the new types of violations, and was called the most stringent in history.

Wechat refers to the external links that are not generated by wechat public platform (domain name address does not belong to wechat) and spread in wechat, including web pages and H5 links, etc.

Although wechats announcement doesnt have such a block list as the one circulated outside, in the publicity of some illegal links shown in the figure, there are some extraneous information from Tencent News, pinduoduo, Jingdong and other products. As a result, some users joked that Tencent was so ruthless that even its own people were fighting; it was going to be over fighting for more and social e-commerce.

After actual measurement, yesterday, pinduoduos bargaining link cant be shared on wechat, but it can still be spread to wechat friends by copying password, and normal pinduoduo link sharing between wechat is all normal. In terms of cloud gathering, it is normal to share with tiger olfactory.

Cloud link sharing

The winter of social e-commerce is still early

Does wechat tighten the external chain sending wrist power have an impact on social e-commerce? Yes, but its not so serious.

According to the definition of the draft for review of the social e-commerce business specification approved by the Ministry of Commerce, social e-commerce is a business activity based on human relationship network, using Internet social tools to engage in commodity trading or service provision, covering the whole process of e-commerce such as information display, payment settlement and express logistics, which is one of the important forms of new e-commerce. At present, wechat is obviously the best social tool for most social e-commerce, and the acquaintance circle is also the best growing soil for social e-commerce.

But if you want to see whether the winter of social e-commerce is coming, you need to answer a few questions first. First of all, is it necessary for Tencent and wechat to vigorously kill social e-commerce?

As we all know, Tencent is trying to cash in on a very large ecosystem like wechat. All the words related to carrying goods, such as retail and e-commerce, are not the pain of Tencent, but the itch of wechat ecological cash. E-commerce is already a very important track of Tencent.

Wechat once said in an open class this year: wechat has more than 1.1 billion monthly users, and everyone is the treasure that enterprises and businesses hope to dig. Our platforms, whether they are public numbers, small programs, payment, etc., will bring a lot of contacts to you, so that you can reach these 1 billion 100 million potential customers and potential customers and the objects you serve.

To block the external chain and clear up the wechat traffic pool, its better to say that Tencent is carrying out new traffic sorting. We need to know that wechat still has the last link of e-commerce ecosystem, such as small programs, which will gradually become the infrastructure for e-commerce to trade and fission customers in the wechat ecosystem. With the development of small programs, its time to clean up those unhealthy chains that are too scattered and uncontrollable.

Wechat once said in an open class that in 2019, small programs will strive for commercialization in three aspects: small program incentive video, screen advertising and personal small program realization. Our platforms, whether they are public numbers, small programs, payment, etc., will bring a lot of contacts to you, so that you can reach these 1 billion 100 million potential customers and potential customers and the customers you serve. Zhang Xiaolong also said, although small programs are not specially prepared for a certain field (such as e-commerce, etc.), many innovative e-commerce applications are particularly encouraged..

Next, if there is an impact, which social e-commerce will bear the brunt?

Wechat is the most important and basic part of social ecology. Many social e-commerce products live in wechat ecosystem by parasitism. However, social e-commerce is a grand proposition. Wechat blocks the external chain. Not all types of social e-commerce will be greatly impacted. The first ones to be affected are obviously some wechat businesses mainly based on the mechanism of distribution and customer solicitation, and the harassment type external chain for the purpose of game induced sharing.

The upgraded wechat external link content management specification states that those who induce users to share and disseminate the content of the external link through the temptation of interests include but are not limited to: monetary rewards, physical prizes, virtual prizes (including but not limited to red envelopes, coupons, vouchers, points, phone charges, traffic, information); claim that sharing can increase the chance of drawing prizes, the probability of winning prizes, and success Function possibility: luring, inducing users to share and disseminating the content outside the chain by signing in and punching cards, inviting friends to help (including but not limited to helping, bargaining, accelerating), setting collection tasks (including but not limited to praise, cards, fortune and fragments).

From the perspective of commercial realization, this kind of external chain is not very beneficial to wechat. They all get traffic and revenue through the circle of acquaintances provided by wechat, and use wechats traffic pool, but the management and actual content are not controlled. Tencent will not be polite to the outside chain of social e-commerce that induces wechat users.

As the hermit crab of wechat ecology, community group (a kind of social e-commerce) should have a certain impact in the short term, but it is not quantifiable at present, because not all community groups have the same way of getting customers. For example, for the head enterprises such as Shihui group, small programs are bringing other opportunities.

Finally, how much influence will the pinduoduo who are carried out to fight?

Its a familiar scene. At first, as soon as the standard was published, Taobaos sharing links could no longer be shared normally. Now, the sharing form of Taobaos links has been changed to copy taopassword for a long time, and now it is the same with pinduoduo.

In addition, a large part of the credit for the rise of pinduoduo comes from the game like experience. At present, wechat has not been able to completely block the sharing chain of its game. For example, the sharing link of Duoduo orchard is normal, and the outer chain of golden pig makes a lot of money can still be spread through copy password like bargaining.

At the same time, in general, pinduoduo has entered the next stage of branding.

According to the financial report, the average number of monthly active users of pinduoduo app in the second quarter has reached 366 million, an increase of 88% over the same period of last year (195 million). Relying on its own app, wechats blocking impact cannot be quantified in a short time. Even Jingdong, which was banned from the external chain, has updated its first level entrance to wechat. Jingxi, who has similar playing methods to pinduoduo, is still active in wechat.

Pinduoduo can survive for the time being, and social e-commerce will not perish for the time being. The more and more recent double eleven will also be a big test to test the social e-commerces response to the chain block.

Of course, the reason why wechats move makes people question the future of social e-commerce is not that who makes social networking the promised place of social e-commerce, but also their original sin.

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