Why did the employees of Guangzhou securities migrate to Shenzhen?

 Why did the employees of Guangzhou securities migrate to Shenzhen?

At the time of CITIC Securities overall layout in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, with the gradual loss of the function of Guangzhou Securities headquarters, many former Guangzhou securities employees chose to move to relevant financial institutions in Shenzhen instead of CITIC Securities Beijing headquarters in order to continue their career in South China, taking advantage of the opportunity of the industry turning warm in 2019 and the recruitment restart of securities companies and other institutions.

Details of CITIC Securities acquisition of Guangzhou Securities: 5-year transition of business change application

CITIC Securitiess overall expansion in South China

It took 10 months for CITIC Securities to restructure its Guangzhou securities business. At the 53rd working meeting of M & A and reorganization committee in 2019 held by CSRC on the 30th, the acquisition was unconditionally approved. For the securities industry, this is another M & A case after CICC (03908. HK) acquired CIC securities in 2016. At the beginning of this M & A, it was at the end of 2018 when a shares were in the lowest state. In 2019, a shares rose in an all-round way, and CITIC Securities successfully bought at the bottom again.

For citic securities, after the successful merger and acquisition of Wantong Securities, Huaxia Securities, Jintong securities and Lyon securities, the merger and acquisition of Guangzhou securities will be completed soon. This time, it can fully supplement the short board of CITIC Securities in the business network layout of South China. The successful completion of the acquisition also means that Yuexiu financial holding (000987. SZ) and Its Financial Holding Co., Ltd. will replace SFC as the second largest shareholder of CITIC Securities.

In the evening of October 30, CITIC Securities disclosed the third quarter report of 2019. In the first three quarters, it realized a total operating revenue of 32.774 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.45%; the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company was 10.522 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 43.85%.

The total number of business outlets of CITIC Securities in Guangdong Province (excluding Shenzhen) will increase from 18 to 50. With regard to future integration, the brokerage personnel of the business department will take different ways from other personnel. CITIC Securities explained in the announcement that compared with the way of setting up new business outlets one by one, this transaction can obtain the business outlets of Guangzhou securities at one time, greatly reduce the cost of time and operation, rapidly increase the number of business outlets and customer channels of CITIC Securities in Guangdong Province, which is conducive to improving the market share of the company in Guangdong Province and strengthening the regional competitiveness.

Welcome to join CITIC Securities! A staff member of CITIC Securities Guangzhou Branch released such information in his circle of friends. He told the first financial reporter that this time the company has made great determination to expand in South China. It is a good opportunity for the staff of the original branch of Guangzhou securities and the existing branch of CITIC Securities. CITIC Securities would have been more enterprising and wolf like than Guangzhou securities in terms of culture, which still needs some running in.

However, the brokerage headquarters position may be another scene.

An employee of the asset management department of the former Guangzhou Securities headquarters told the first financial reporter that he once had an in-depth negotiation with the human resources department of CITIC Securities. In fact, CITIC Securities hoped that the employees of the headquarters in Guangzhou would stay, but the main destination given was to go to the Beijing headquarters of CITIC Securities. In the eyes of many former Guangzhou securities employees who have already settled down in Guangzhou, he felt trapped It is very difficult, facing problems such as family migration and environmental change.

How to deal with the former headquarters staff of Guangzhou securities?

Industry turns warm in 2019, taking the opportunity to move to Shenzhen

If you have to go to Beijing, its not easy for employees who have already taken root in Guangzhou to make up their minds and jump to securities companies or funds and other institutions in Shenzhen. Instead, its a more realistic choice. At least its not far from Guangzhou geographically, and you can go back to Guangzhou and have family reunion at weekends. The above asset management staff told reporters.

When CITIC Securities first proposed M & A, it was at the end of 2018 when the stock market was at its lowest level. This situation once caused great anxiety among the staff of Guangzhou securities. At that time, because the market transaction was very low, the index fell below 2500. Many securities companies froze the recruitment for a long time. The staff of Guangzhou Securities headquarters need to face the choice of career direction directly.

However, with A-share regaining its upward momentum in 2019 and trading volume rebounding in an all-round way, A-share has broken through the 3000 point mark several times, and securities companies in South China have also started recruitment work in an all-round way. We are finally relieved to find a good job, said the asset management staff.

The selection of securities companies headquartered in Guangzhou is relatively narrow, with only GF Securities (000776. SZ) and Wanlian securities. However, due to the loss of Hong Kong subsidiary and the impact of St Kangmei (600518. SH) and other events, the real demand for headquarters recruitment is not large, and the volume of Wanlian securities is not large. The fund companies in the same city only have GF fund, e-fund, Golden Eagle Fund and other institutions, Although these companies have talked with many former Guangzhou securities staff, few of them have really reached the final two-way choice.

For Guangzhou securities staff, it is a relatively ideal choice for securities companies and funds to move to Shenzhen. A staff member of Guangzhou securities Logistics Department told the first financial reporter that when she was in Guangzhou securities, her annual salary before tax was about 300000 yuan. At that time, the human resources department of CITIC Securities promised to increase her salary, but she hoped that she could come to work in Beijing. After careful consideration, she refused the invitation of the other party, and in May, she moved to a fund company in Shenzhen. Now, in The salary has soared to more than 500000 yuan before tax.

However, she felt that because she went to work in Shenzhen, she had less time to accompany her family in Guangzhou. She could only go back at weekends, and the work pressure and intensity were much higher than when she was in Guangzhou, which did not mean that her happiness would be improved with the increase of income. In addition, she also had additional rent and living expenses when she worked in Shenzhen, which did not mean that the treatment would be significantly improved. If she had the chance, she would still like to move back to Guangzhou to work in a financial institution.

The former industry analyst of a research department of Guangzhou securities also told the first financial reporter that after careful consideration, he chose to move to a small securities firm in Shenzhen to be an industry analyst. After coming to Shenzhen, he first had to travel to the Shanghai headquarters of the securities firm for training. Its not easy to make this choice, I hope you can adapt as soon as possible!

Many Guangzhou securities employees told the first financial reporter that famous institutions such as Guoxin Securities (002736. SZ), China Merchants Securities (600999. SH), China Merchants Bank (600036. SH) and China Ping An (601318. SH) based in Shenzhen are recruiting. Many colleagues have tried these institutions, and employees of Guangzhou securities are very active in contacting these financial institutions. Most people prefer to go to the Shenzhen based organization rather than the far away Beijing CITIC Securities headquarters. The staff of Guangzhou Securities headquarters have rich experience in the industry. If they are willing to go to Shenzhen, they still have a lot of choices.

CITIC Securities successful acquisition of Guangzhou securities