Hot selling analysts in China after iPhone 11 price cut: this situation is hard to continue

 Hot selling analysts in China after iPhone 11 price cut: this situation is hard to continue

The iPhone 11, priced $50 less than its predecessor, helped drive Apples sales.

In the previous year, apple gave dealers the flexibility to lower the price of old iPhones, which was the opposite of what Apple had done in the past. In addition, Apple also vigorously promoted installment payment to promote sales.

Apple is expected to launch 5g smartphones next year, which analysts say is the problem. By comparison, Huawei, the largest smartphone manufacturer in the Chinese market, has taken the lead in launching its first 5g smartphone, mate20x5g, as early as June this year, at a price of 6199 yuan.

In addition, other Chinese smartphone manufacturers, such as Xiaomi, are also following up quickly, launching their own 5g function smartphone products. At the same time, the 5g service of several major telecom operators in China has entered the commercial stage, which will bring super high speed network connection to the public.

James Yan predicts that the entry-level 5g smartphone will focus on the Chinese market next year, which will drive down Apples smartphone sales.

However, the fourth quarter is really an improvement for apple in the Chinese market.

In the fourth quarter, revenue from the services business in the Chinese market increased by double digits, mainly due to the two digit growth in the number of Chinese users downloading games from the Appstore. At a time when iPhone sales are stagnating, Apple has been claiming that its services business will be the engine of growth.

From July to September, Chinese government regulators approved 291 domestic and imported in app purchase game themes, boosting downloads of popular games, including Neteases proevolution soccer..

Nicole Peng, who tracks Chinas smartphone industry at canalys, said the growth in revenue from Apples services business also confirms the fact that Chinese consumers are increasingly used to paying for online content.

In fact, on Android platforms and wechat, there is also an increase in the amount of content that requires users to pay for membership fees or subscription fees, she said

Nicole Peng also pointed out that Apples official website in China also launched a discount for purchase activity this year, which retailers have been promoting to customers. (Tianmen Mountain)