1799 yuan daison hair dryer and Huawei P30, JD response discount list

 1799 yuan daison hair dryer and Huawei P30, JD response discount list

According to relevant media reports, JDs online promotion list of the double 11 is suspected to have been leaked by JDs internal employees. In the early morning of October 31, a suspected JD employee directly sent a list called V7 version of JD double 11 Super 10 billion subsidy explosive list to friends. The price, price after coupons and online time are clearly marked in the list. Huawei P30 and Kimura touzai jeans of the same type have also been specially marked with the most popular products in the market, and some products are shown as to be confirmed.

If the price after the coupon in the list is true, it is a good time for consumers to pick up the leakage. However, regarding the authenticity of the promotion catalogue, Jingdong told Nandu that it is not convenient to disclose it temporarily, saying that it is known that if it violates the companys regulations, it will deal with relevant employees.

Its worth noting that at about 5:00 p.m. on October 31, the reporter from Nandu saw that Jingdong officially released the list of double 11 burst funds of Super 10 billion subsidies and 100 billion concessions. From November 1 to November 11, 30 commodities were launched, covering electronics, fresh food, home appliances, beauty makeup, etc., directly listing the price after coupons. Among them, a total of 13 products have been accurately predicted by the previously outflow promotion list.

Most of the overlapped products in the two lists are the hot money sold by major e-commerce platforms. According to the statistics of Nandu reporter, the overlapping products include 1799 yuan Dyson hair dryer, Xiaomi TV, Huawei P30 mobile phone, new beautiful suitcase, Supor rice cooker, apple Bluetooth wireless headset, huawang diapers, etc. But different from the version circulated on the Internet, the list of popular products in Jingdong has reduced 20 items, and also removed low-cost items such as clothing and household products, such as 499 yuan Kimuras same jeans and latex mattress. But at the same time, the proportion of digital appliances has been increased, and high price commodities such as apple mobile phones, laptops, massagers, range hoods and washing machines have been added.

On this years double 11, tmall, Jingdong and pinduoduo all offered huge subsidies to help users save money. Which platform has the largest preferential intensity and the most direct subsidy mode is also the focus of consumers most attention.

It is understood that thanks to this years 618 promotion, the second quarter of 2019s financial report of Jingdong was outstanding, especially in terms of active users, reversing the previous negative growth situation. Among them, the growth rate of third and fourth tier users in Jingdong is higher than that in first and second tier cities, and 70% of the new users come from low tier cities.

As the first e-commerce platform to launch the double 11 this year, Jingdongs promotion is the largest so far. It is not only the real gold and silver, but also the new online social e-commerce platform Jingxi. Jingxi and the main stations big second kill business form a two wheel drive strategy, high-profile siege of the sinking market.

Source: responsible editor of Southern Metropolis Daily: Wang Fengzhi, nt2541