Your couriers are all in the express cabinet! How to break the pain point without express delivery?

 Your couriers are all in the express cabinet! How to break the pain point without express delivery?

More pressure on express delivery

Ms. Zhang lives in a community in Xicheng District of Beijing. She ordered some imported food on the Internet a few days ago. When the package arrived, it was put into the express cabinet by the courier. When opening the package, Ms. Zhang was surprised.

Ms. Zhang, Beijing resident: I found a dead cockroach. Because its food after all, I contacted the seller. The seller didnt let me return it, because I couldnt provide evidence of inspection in person. They paid part of the compensation.

In the interview, the reporter learned that, like Ms. Zhang, there are many customers who deliver their express to the express cabinet without being informed.

Beijing Citizen: I think this kind of cabinet is convenient for couriers, i.e. express companies. Its still very inconvenient for our ordinary consumers. Its especially troublesome for us to pick up express in winter.

The reporter found that users can get the items from the express cabinet, most of which are free of service charge, but the courier needs to pay for storing the items.

Courier: the smallest slot is 20 cents, then the middle slot is 40 cents, and the largest slot is 60 cents. It has greatly improved the efficiency of my dispatch. The earliest day I came down is 90 to 100, which is 100 express. Now I can send 150 to 160.

Courier: I put less, like other couriers put more, there are 1000, 2000 yuan a month.

Although some express companies will subsidize or refund the fee to the courier, there are also many companies that stipulate that the use fee of the express cabinet shall be borne by the courier. Still, many couriers are willing to pay for it.

Courier: there are 500 or 600 in a day during the double 11 period, which cant be dealt with.

Courier: the company requires that the delivery rate be more than 95% on the same day, without any exception. There are a lot of customers who dont answer the phone during the delivery process, so the efficiency will be reduced by tossing and turning.

Personalized distribution trend

Experts: consumers should be given the right to choose

On October 1, the measures for the administration of intelligent express box delivery service issued by the Ministry of transport was officially implemented. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of express users, one of them stipulated that enterprises should obtain the consent of the addressee when using intelligent express box to deliver express, and notify the addressee in time after delivering express.

But at present, the problem of not delivering goods to your home is still very prominent. Why is it so difficult to implement the new regulations? In a mother and baby e-commerce enterprise, the head told CCTV financial reporters that at present, their daily order quantity is 1 million, and they choose to cooperate with a number of express companies to ensure the delivery and delivery home.

Hui Ying, head of warehousing and logistics of a mother and baby e-commerce brand: the courier didnt deliver goods to the door, which increased the pressure on customer service. We still hope that the express delivery mode can provide more convenient and independent choices for users.

Industry insiders said that at present, 80% of the orders of express companies come from e-commerce. With the continuous growth of the single volume of e-commerce enterprises, the cost of labor, site, packaging materials, equipment and transportation that the express companies are suitable for is rising.

Liu Jiangtao, senior vice president of Beijing homestead Express Co., Ltd.: customers demands are becoming more and more personalized. In fact, from the front end of the whole supply chain, costs are being reduced.

Yang mengke, associate professor of logistics engineering teaching and research center of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications: most of the express enterprises still adopt the franchise system. It is an independent legal person, responsible for its own profits and losses. Therefore, for these franchise outlets, most of them still use human resources for distribution. In the case of the sharp increase of express bill quantity, human resources are facing a great pressure on dispatch.

Under the pressure of efficiency and cost, express into the cabinet has become the helpless choice of most couriers. According to the report released by the State Post Office, in 2018, major enterprises in the country have put 272000 intelligent express cabinets into operation, adding nearly 70000 new ones, with the box delivery rate reaching 8.6%, and the daily processing volume of express cabinets is 12 million.

Industry insiders predict that by 2020, the delivery rate of express boxes is expected to reach 20%, corresponding to the demand of about 76 million express cabinet outlets. How to solve the problem of efficient and high-quality delivery of the last kilometer or even the last 100m will become a problem that the whole industry needs to deal with.

Yang Meng, associate professor of logistics engineering teaching and research center of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications: for e-commerce enterprises, we can actually guide consumers to choose from the source and give consumers the right to choose. When we place an order, we can choose to deliver it to the cabinet, or deliver it to the door.