Open all vegetarianism experiment for 1-6-year-old children in Swedish kindergartens

 Open all vegetarianism experiment for 1-6-year-old children in Swedish kindergartens

To raise awareness of environmental protection, a Swedish kindergarten will carry out a meat free diet test for children aged 1 to 6 in the park, and meat will disappear from the menu. The experiment may last until January next year.

A kindergarten named gitarren in Yumo, northeastern Sweden, has decided to start the experiment of meat free diet, Russian today website reported on November 1. All 1-to-6-year-olds in the park will take part in the experiment, or until January next year. During this period, breakfast, lunch and snacks will not include meat, without any exception.

The kindergarten said the trial would officially begin within a week or two. At that time, gitarren kindergarten will become the first child care institution in Sweden to achieve a meat free diet.

The more we think about it, the more we think about it. Promoting sustainable development is our starting point, and meat does have an impact on the environment, Markus sandstr? M, a preschool teacher at the kindergarten, told folkbladet, a Swedish newspaper

However, the most controversial aspect of the trial is that there will be no exceptions during the meat free diet, which all children must participate in. Once the experiment begins, no one will be able to break the rules to eat meat.

Markus said the idea for the experiment came from a kindergarten staff member who had been supported by parents and interested in children. Kindergartens believe that vegetarianism will help improve climate change and protect the environment. As for the childrens nutrition issues finally mentioned in the dispute, the kindergarten side said that during the experiment, a nutritionist would guarantee the nutrition needed by the children.

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