Lin Lanyan, Huang Zhifengs accomplice, was arrested again and charged with ordinary assault

 Lin Lanyan, Huang Zhifengs accomplice, was arrested again and charged with ordinary assault

[global network report] the opposition group Hong Kong peoples aspirations claimed in a Facebook post that Lin Lanyan, its chairman, reported to the Changsha Bay police station on the evening of October 31 for encircling the Wanchai police headquarters on June 21. During that time, the Hong Kong Island public activity investigation team appeared, saying that he had entered the Hong Kong government headquarters on March 15 and arrested and prosecuted him for ordinary assault.

Lin Longyans information map (photo source: Hong Kongs east net)

According to Hong Kong media such as Star Island Daily reported on November 1, Hong Kong police received a report from relevant government departments on March 15 in tame Road, Central District, saying that someone forcibly broke into the government headquarters and a female staff member was injured. After receiving the report, the police arrived at the scene and arrested four men and five women aged between 18 and 58 on suspicion of forced entry. Subsequently, the case was followed up by the Hong Kong Island public activities investigation team.

After the police closed the case, they charged Lin Lanyan with a common assault crime. Lin Lanyan was arrested on October 31, and the case will be tried in the Eastern District Magistrates Court on November 8.

On September 4, Star Island Daily reported that Lin Lanyan was suspected of participating in the siege of the police headquarters on June 21. Together with Huang Zhifeng, the Secretary General of Hong Kong peoples aspirations, and Zhou Ting, a member of the group, he was charged with a crime of inciting others to participate in the assembly without approval. Lam was arrested at Hong Kong airport on September 3 and brought to the eastern magistracy for trial in the afternoon. Lin Lanyan was allowed to go out on bail for 10000 yuan (HKD, about 8982 yuan) in cash, but he must abide by the curfew, live in the reported address, during which he is not allowed to leave Hong Kong, report to his police station twice a week, and not enter the police headquarters. The case will be retried on November 8.

Xie Zhenzhong, chief police officer of the public relations section of the Hong Kong Police, said at a regular press conference on August 30 that the police had already indicated that the illegal violence must be investigated to the end. Now, they are carrying out all the time and gradually bringing the people involved in the illegal violence to justice one by one according to the commitments made on that day. He stressed that arrests would be made as soon as there was sufficient evidence.

Source: editor in charge of global network: Li Cong u02ca b11284