Implementing the most strict dog keeping order in many places, dog walking without rope, dog not receiving a fine

 Implementing the most strict dog keeping order in many places, dog walking without rope, dog not receiving a fine

You will be fined if you walk the dog without holding the rope, and you will take the dog to the elevator to avoid the peak use period A new version of the regulations of Taiyuan Municipality on the administration of dog keeping, known by netizens as the most stringent dog keeping order, was officially implemented Monday. At the same time, new policies for dog keeping have been introduced in many places to improve the punishment for uncivilized behaviors and set rules for dog owners.

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Taiyuan and Yinchuan implement the new policy of raising dogs

u2014u2014Dog walking should be done with ropes and elevators to avoid peak hours

From November 1, the new version of the regulations of Taiyuan Municipality on the administration of dog keeping was officially implemented. This law, which was called the strictest dog keeping order by netizens, has made a number of restrictions on the behavior of dog owners. Dog owners should be very careful when walking, taking a pet dog in an elevator or going in and out of public places!

At the same time, the new regulations also have clear regulations on carrying dogs out of the home in key management areas, not only to bundle the dog traction belt, but also to limit the length of the traction belt - no more than 1.2m.

In addition, the regulations also include scenes such as taking the elevator in daily life, emphasizing that people, especially the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women and children, should take the initiative to avoid pedestrians when carrying dogs out of the house, and avoid the peak time of taking the elevator when taking the elevator.

At the same time as Taiyuans most strict dog keeping order, there are also Yinchuan regulations on the administration of dog keeping. The new regulations also clearly stipulate many details in daily life.

For example, the regulations also stressed that when carrying dogs for outdoor activities, they should be led by a leash within 1.5m and should actively avoid pedestrians.

In addition, those carrying dogs in residential elevators should avoid the peak use of elevators and hold them, or wear mouth muffs for dogs, or put them into dog bags and cages.

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More new policies for raising dogs and more fines

In addition to Taiyuan and Yinchuan, many cities across the country have recently introduced or are in the process of brewing new local regulations for dog breeding, aiming to regulate dog breeding behavior.

For example, from January 1 this year, the revised Regulations of Suzhou on the administration of dog breeding came into force. Regulations also clearly requires that dogs should be carried out by a full civil person within 1.5 meters of traction belt.

This month, the Standing Committee of Guangzhou Municipal Peoples Congress also released the Regulations on the administration of dog breeding in Guangzhou (Revised Draft), and solicited opinions from the society.

Taking stock of the new policies, the common point is to increase the punishment of uncivilized dog breeding. Walking dogs without ropes and illegal dog keeping will face fines.

In Suzhou, if a dog is not carried out as required, the public security organ shall order it to make corrections, impose a fine of not less than 500 yuan but not more than 2000 yuan on the unit and not more than 50 yuan but not more than 500 yuan on the individual.

However, the regulations of Guangzhou Municipality on the administration of dog keeping (Revised Draft) proposes that if dogs are carried out outdoor activities without being led by dog ropes or other regulations of the regulations are not complied with, resulting in dogs hurting others, the public security organ may confiscate the dogs and impose a fine of 10000 yuan on the dog owners.

In addition, according to the new regulations of Taiyuan, those who do not wear traction belts inside or outside the key management areas or whose length exceeds 1.2m shall be fined 50 yuan on the spot by the public security organ in accordance with the provisions of the administrative penalty law.

Yinchuans policy also made it clear that the comprehensive law enforcement department of the peoples Government of the county (city) district shall give a warning and impose a fine of 50 yuan for the dog walking without pulling the rope. If the circumstances are serious, the dogs shall be confiscated.

Data: veterinary experts and students are sterilizing stray dogs in Xining animal rescue station. Zhang Haiwen photo

Abandonment and maltreatment of dogs should also be pursued

It is worth noting that the new policies introduced in recent years not only restrict the daily dog walking behavior of dog owners, but also involve the rights and interests of pet dogs themselves.

In many urban laws and regulations, punishment measures have been made clear for maltreatment and abandonment of dogs. Dogs who abandon their pets casually will face a fine.

For example, Taiyuans new regulations explicitly prohibit the organization and participation of dog fighting activities. Abandonment or maltreatment of dogs is prohibited.

In terms of punishment measures, those who maltreat dogs shall be ordered by the public security organ to make corrections; those who refuse to make corrections shall be fined 500 yuan; those who abandon dogs shall be ordered by the public security organ to take them back or send them to the dog detention and inspection organ of the public security organ; those who refuse to take back or send them to the dog detention and inspection organ of the public security organ shall be fined 500 yuan.

Yinchuans Regulations also clearly put forward that dogs should not be abandoned.

In addition, according to the regulations, if the dog owner has abandoned dog records, the owner shall not be allowed to apply for dog license registration.

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More than 30 million urban dog owners have come out to solve the problem of dog raising

With the development of society, more and more urban families in China begin to raise pet dogs. According to the white paper on Chinas pet industry in 2018 released in September 2018, the number of urban dog owners in China has reached 33.9 million in 2018.

At the same time, dog injuries caused by uncivilized dog keeping behavior also occur frequently.

In August 2018, a 13-year-old boy in Chengdu was knocked down by a German shepherd dog in the community, and his left ear was bitten through; in September 2018, a pregnant woman in Hangzhou was scolded and abused by the dog owner due to a dispute, and her stomach was pushed, resulting in her last emergency medical treatment

In 2017, 516 cases of rabies and 502 deaths were reported nationwide, according to the data of the disease prevention and Control Bureau of the national health and Health Commission. Rabies is one of the leading infectious diseases with more deaths.

In order to restrict the behavior of uncivilized dog raising, in addition to actively introducing relevant laws and policies, various measures are also being taken to solve the problem of urban dog raising.

For example, from November 15 to the end of December 2018, Hangzhou launched the civilized dog raising centralized remediation action in the whole city, with a clear emphasis on dog walking time, place and other dog raising behaviors.

Other cities have launched special apps. Jinan public security developed the dog management app and implemented the dog management credit score system. After 12 points are deducted, the dogs will be confiscated.

In Wuhan, the uncivilized behavior of dog owners will be linked with personal credit. According to local policy, the dog owners who have been punished twice will be included in the list of serious dishonesty, and the property will be fined up to 30000 yuan if they ignore the illegal dog owners.

For tens of millions of dog breeders in Chinese cities and towns, new policies around the country have sent a clear signal that if you want to be a good shovel official, you should first abide by the rules.

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