Russian media: Turkey has handed over 18 Syrian prisoners of war to Russia

 Russian media: Turkey has handed over 18 Syrian prisoners of war to Russia

Overseas network, Nov. 1, Russian news agency quoted Turkish defense ministry as saying on Nov. 1 that Ankara released 18 arrested Syrian soldiers and handed them over to Russia.

Turkeys Ministry of Defense announced on social platform on October 1 that 18 militants were arrested in search, detection and reconnaissance activities launched in the southeast of the Syrian town of rasayin. The handover has been completed in coordination with the authorities of the Russian Federation.

Twitter screenshot of Turkish Defense Ministry

Russian media said that earlier, the Turkish defense minister announced that he would start negotiations with Russia on the transfer of Syrian prisoners of war.

On October 29 local time, Turkish government forces exchanged fire with Syrian government forces near the occupied area. Turkey fired heavy guns and tanks, and Syrian government forces fought back.

The situation in northern Syria has been escalating since Turkey launched a military operation called fountain of peace in early October. On October 17, the United States and Turkey reached a temporary ceasefire agreement to allow Kurds to withdraw from the security zone in Eastern Syria.

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held six hours of talks and signed a memorandum of understanding, with which Russian troops will patrol Eastern Syria. On October 29, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu announced that Kurds had withdrawn from Syrias security zone in advance. Subsequently, Turkey and Russia launched reconnaissance flights and demining operations in the controlled area.

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