To November: Be kind to yourself on the way to old age!

 To November: Be kind to yourself on the way to old age!

Now, the late autumn has passed, and the winter is coming. Its November. Its time to slow down and be kind to yourself on the way to old age.


Be happy and worry less

Some people say, happy is a day, unhappy is a day, why not spend every day happy?

In fact, I always agree with you more and more recently.

Peoples life, there will be countless kinds of troubles.

When I was a child, the trouble was what should I do if I dont get good grades? when I grow up, the trouble was what should I do if I dont get enough pay?.

Study, work, family, marriage, social In every stage of life, every character cant escape the invasion of troubles. They will be like a ton of boulders, which will make you gasp for breath.

The more you think about it, the more tired you will feel from inside to outside.

There are troubles every day, but there is nothing if you dont pick them up. Have fun! Dont let your mood get sick.

Do small things to please yourself, buy a bunch of flowers, eat a bowl of small wonton on the street, have a cup of tea and read idle books, chat with old friends, sit on the couch and look at the clouds. Sometimes we need to have some time to spend to relieve the tense mood.

Every day is a new beginning, every morning, we should give ourselves a brilliant smile.

Today, you have to be happy.


Better health, less pain

As we get older, we cant live without all kinds of ailments.

If you cant do it, dont do it. Early to bed, early to rise, regular life, healthy body.

Dont stay on the sofa and bed all the time. Dont sit long. Most of sub-health is sitting out and lying out.

Dont play with mobile phones all the time. Being a bow headed person is a chronic injury to the eyes and neck. It may not be long before you find that the neck is stiff, the eyes are sour, and even accompanied by headache and vertigo. Its not worth the loss.

Dont eat junk food all the time. Its better to eat less fried, spicy and sweet food. Green vegetables and fresh fruits are the most needed supplements for the body.

If you have time, go to exercise more. Run, dance, do yoga and Tai Chi. Let your body move. The disease will gradually be scared away.

Treat yourself well, always start with good health.


Tolerate those who say you are bad, because there is no need to care. Tolerate those who do things that make you uncomfortable, because not everyone is satisfied with you.

With the deepening of experience, people will gradually understand that it is of great benefit for people and themselves to broaden their vision and mind.

No gold is red, no man is perfect.. Everyone has his advantages and disadvantages.

Care about everything, worry about everything, let the critical eyes be soft, relax the tense mood, let others be forgiven and forgiven. People get along with each other is that you come and go, a little more tolerant, a little less harsh.

Life could have been easier. Why add a lock to it.


More natural and happy

Dont think what you cant think, dont guess what you cant guess.

Its better to say forget it than to have thousands of disputes.

Forget it, those unhappy people and things will eventually appear in your eyes in a different way. Good luck will not be absent, just late.

Life has its own reincarnation. Dont be too hard on yourself, and dont abandon yourself.

In this life, there is no right or wrong, no sorrow or joy. What torments us is ourselves all the time.

A little more natural, a little more happiness.


Hold your fingers for a few days, which is only 61 days away from 2020.

The days passed so fast that they almost faded the memories.

No matter how difficult the road ahead is, we have also come through. The road behind, whether rough and steep or smooth, should have a stronger belief to go on.

On the way to grow old, we have paid too much and always strive to move forward.

Before the new tomorrow comes, treat yourself well!

May the rest of my life be less sorrowful and more joyful, less sorrowful and more joyful, and a peaceful and smooth journey.

Encourage each other.