There are 180 cats in a hut. TM is Elvis 8!

 There are 180 cats in a hut. TM is Elvis 8!

A building in Kitakyushu, Japan, is a cat maze. In this two-story building, there are 180 cats.

The owner of the cat rescue house is a 71 year old woman. We will call her lady a for the time being.

Ms. a has adopted 180 cats, which seems to be a very warm behavior, but actually its not that at all.

The environment in which cats live is far beyond our imagination.

Come in from the first floor and walk up to the second floor along the revolving stairs. There is a space of 50 square meters, plus a loft of 100 square meters. All the space is used for keeping cats.

However, due to the narrow and crowded room, the ceiling height is not enough. The activity space of a cat is less than 1 square meter.

Here, a crowded cat cage is placed against the wall. It can only be lit by fluorescent lamp and LED lamp, without any external light source.

If you go deeper, maybe there is no lighting, because many power outlets are completely blocked by dead mice and cockroaches, and the circuit cannot be connected at all.

Its a maze, but its really appropriate. In order to raise more cats and save space, Ms. a has made a lot of changes.

Two meters away from the roof, she added a floor, and set four or five steps in some places, so that she could go up and down when waiting for feeding.

To prevent the cat from running out, she also commissioned a wooden door to divide the cat into five independent spaces, each with 30 iron cages, in which about one to 10 cats live.

There are cat food bowls and water in the cat house, as well as several cat toilets. Each cat house has a channel connection.

It can be seen everywhere that cats are running among the houses.

If you can take care of every cat, its OK, but Ms. a obviously didnt.

The reporter asked her if she had provided enough clean water and food. The other side refused to answer. She never had a virus test.

Once got cat leukaemia, cat AIDS cat, with the health of the lock together, then these cats all suffer.

At first, Ms. a raised cats to help stray cats, so she set up these cat houses 20 years ago. At that time, she hired five employees to take care of them.

But now dont talk about taking care of them. Many cats have bad hair color, are nervous and under great pressure. They even scream for help in the iron cage.

There is a word to describe the adoption of Ms. A: the collapse of multi parenting.

In a narrow room, a cat screams, gets sick, gets malnourished, and even stinks. Is this help love?

Unfortunately, according to a recent survey, Japan has received 1800 multiple breeding complaints nationwide, and the number of those without complaints is even higher.

And this kind of thing is hard to solve. In the past few years, the number of fault reports has risen, but the response speed just cant keep up.

Especially in Tokyo, most families are family of four, which is more likely to fall into this mess.

The Nakamura Zhenxi family is very typical. She lives with her husband, two teenagers and 80 cats.

Before she had a cat, it was just an ordinary family. She grew up in this house since she was born.

But now, all the rooms are occupied by cats. At first, her children had separate bedrooms. Now they are full of cat supplies and sundries.

The living room used to be sunny. Now we should be careful when we walk. Because the cat will knock over many things. The floor is wet all year round.

Now a family of four can only find a way to avoid cat life.

Nakamura Zhenxi has a room with his daughter. The husband who wants to work has a room for himself. His son can only sleep in the living room, avoiding the cat.

This kind of cat life is really too hard, cats for them, not family members, but also a burden.

Nakamura often laments that he doesnt know what to do if the number of cats increases. He also worries that he will not be able to take care of cats after death.

But there are also reasons for todays consequences.

The source is six years ago, the family had one male, one female and two cats. Since the cats were raised, the dialogue among family members has increased obviously, and everyone is very happy.

A few months later, the two cats gave birth to two more kittens.

When Nakamura Zhenxi sterilized the female cat, she felt very uncomfortable, so she gave up and thought it was OK to have more than one.

Less than a year later, the number of cats in the family increased to 9. The number of cats raised by ordinary families is beyond the scope of ability, but Nakamura Zhenxi still hasnt given up.

She thinks that cats have become her family. Its hard to get out of the family again. Theres no one to give away.

Until a few years later, the number of cats increased in a straight line, from 15 to 20, and then continued to grow to 80.

Now its very difficult for Nakamura to sterilize the cat.

Because her husbands income continues to decline and the cost of surgery is too high, it costs 30000 yen for a cat and 2.4 million yen for 80 cats to be sterilized.

With their economic ability, they can no longer afford it.

Now Hiroshi Nakamura is in a dilemma of life. Every cats Moonlight cat food costs 80000 yen.

Because of the stench of the surrounding neighbors, they are unwilling to deal with their family. Nakamura Zhenxi cannot give up the cat.

The whole family is in such a state of anxiety.

In an apartment in Tokyo, a neighbor found a room where the cat kept barking, stinking like a dead body..

Many people have called animal protection organizations to find out what the situation is.

At first, the staff of the animal protection organization went to the house. The woman who opened the door also said that there were only six cats, which were not allowed to enter the house for inspection.

After they contacted the police and forced the door open, they found that she had 40 cats in her family.

The living conditions of the cats in the room were very poor. There was no air conditioning in the room. It was still summer at that time. All the cats could only huddle together. Some cats were even injured and did not get effective treatment.

There are only two litter pots on the ground, which are not enough. There are cat feces and urine everywhere.

Dozens of newly born kittens are packed in a small box, looking dying, unable to lift their heads. This incident is also known as the worst multi head feeding collapse in Japan.

Many people say that they like cats when they raise them, making them family members, and to a certain extent, relieving Dugu Aotians loneliness.

But many times, this kind of feeling will gradually deteriorate.

Many people no longer like and depend on them, but they are bound, controlled and even developed into pathological hoarding.

They are no longer concerned about whether the cat will be healthy and comfortable. They are only concerned about how many cats they have. They simply measure the number of pets.

Its hard to say how many pets a person, or a family, should have.

But at least before raising, we should consider how much breeding space we need, whether we need to walk or not, and whether we will have children, so as not to put the cat into a terrible situation.

If you just pat your head to raise a cat or a dog, its not love, its life abuse.