Only the inn, no darling.

 Only the inn, no darling.

This seasons Inn employees include Ma Tianyu, Wu Lei, Zhang Han, Lin Xinru and Li Randi, as well as Liu taoqing and Chen Xiang.

This time, its Li Randi who is full of good feelings because of good old days.

In the first episode, each employee is required to accept the breakfast assessment. They are required to make breakfast with the specified ingredients, and the time limit is before 8 oclock, and it is still a personal battle.

Some of these people are good at cooking, such as Wu Lei, who gets up early and gets the best ingredients:

Ma Tianyu, who has studied cooking before, is a household expert

Lin Xinru, a new good mother:

Time is tight, food materials are few, competitors are many, little sister Li Randi obviously cant cope.

Ma Tianyu almost helped her stir fry tomato juice, cook noodles and season.

Liu Tao, the boss, also had a good evaluation of Lis breakfast, and finally gave him a high score of 7.3, ranking second.

But in the end, Ma Tianyus pie was not recognized, only 4.9 points.

In fact, it is impossible for Ma Tianyu to say that he is not upset. After all, he is professional and has helped several people, but the final score is not ideal.

When we finally commented, Liu Tao said that Li Randi had to cut one less apple. Li also said that if he did, he would be the first.

When the audience saw this, they were puzzled: if you get high marks with the help of others, you will be happy and satisfied. But shouldnt you mention someone who helps you?

But when the curtain blew up, everyone was asking, what do you mean, Li Randi?

In addition, when making breakfast, the ingredients were not enough. Lin Xinru accidentally found another place where meat was available. She showed it to several little sisters. Li Randi actually knew it, but she didnt tell everyone before.

Because she forgot

The little girl may also know that this operation is against the rules. She didnt tell everyone about it and didnt understand it.

But when the two clips confirm each other, the netizens are a little upset: how can this sister be a little scheming?

Someone said: the role filter of the rest of the week was broken.

Others use her to compare with Zhang Zifeng.

Its not a big deal recently. Dear inn is an old variety show again, and the controversy in the program soon became hot.

In addition to Li Randis scheming, there are many people who question the program group, saying that they are deliberately cutting Li Randi.

He also said that the previous flowers and teenagers was a production team.

Maybe there are too many people questioning mango editing, maybe the production team is angry, but someone immediately released the full version of the video when watching the film meeting, and there was an interview with Li Randi more than the broadcast clip.

In this clip, the staff also have the same question as us: why dont you tell the boss that someone else helps you make breakfast?

Lis reaction: I forgot.

Audience confused: ha? Why did you forget again?

And just when the boss praised you, you thanked Ma Tianyu in private. How can you forget when it comes to scoring?

And whether you really or falsely forget it, you didnt mention it at that time. Thank you Ma Tianyu in the interview! This reaction and expression is not very emotional intelligence.

In terms of this reaction alone, it will really reduce the audiences liking. But its good for Li Randi to cut this interview in the positive film. Why was it released later?

Immediately, a big V variety blogger with knowledge directly said that it was the sailors invited by the Li Randi team who questioned the editing of the program group in the middle of the night.

The blogger also cut off the time for unifying the copywriting, probably more than one oclock in the evening.

Tut Tut, this is a good play.

If the water army and fans are really begging for hammers, which leads to a performing sister overturning on the reality show, its too much to lift a stone and hit her foot.

In fact, the painting style of this seasons dear inn is quite different from that before.

This seasons positioning is the workplace mode. Several employees should PK each other and strive to be the ultimate partner. There is a strong sense of gunpowder between several MCS.

Even in the past few seasons, the gentle and virtuous sister Tao of Liu Tao has become a strong boss.

As soon as I come up, I will tell you that we will have a service training competition and the last one will have a make-up exam.

Then he started to pick the thorns and said that the cups were not in order:

Paper towels are not clean:

Grudge Lin Xinru, her good sister, and ask her not to drink coffee in this area

Lin Xinru asked herself what to do if she could not meet the needs of the guests and could not move the table. Liu Tao asked her to solve it.

Lin Xinru wanted to explain. She waved and said, dont make it clear, dont give reasons..

In fact, its true. After all, its like this when he filled in

Question Ma Tianyu what glasses are you wearing?

Ma Tianyu was so scared that he quickly admitted his advice.

Sea? What sea? Do you like the sea I love you?

The subtitle group clearly understood, and gave him a shot

Li Randi, a girl with a mind.

Liu Tao, strong, strict, merciless, female version of Huang Xiaoming.

He Qingzi has a bad attitude, a dishonorable attitude and a mess in his bedroom.

Frankly speaking, I dont believe that with Liu Taos and Lin Xinrus decades of sisterhood, this program can make a scene, and I dont think Li Randis Qingzi is inexcusable for his crimes. After all, this is a reality show.

Originally everyone has shortcomings, but with the concentrated amplification and the function of the new human settings of the program, everyone has more slots, and the audiences perception will be different.

As a result, netizens have said that this seasons program seems to have changed.

Uncle also thinks so.

I still prefer the feeling before, and you?