Deyun club is for taking out, one by one

 Deyun club is for taking out, one by one

Soon, some fans said it was true.

The members of Deyun club, who were still in the fan group before, basically retired, and the group leaders became Deyun club.

In fact, it was normal for stars to quit fans, but when they arrived at Deyun club, things seemed not so easy. There are different opinions on the reasons for Deyun societys sudden withdrawal, and there are not one or two involved members. First of all, its the peach scandal.

A netizen revealed that Liu Jiuru, a member of Deyun club, frequently flipped a fan in the group, who was a girl in the second grade of junior high school.

This statement soon aroused the anger of netizens.

However, although the topic triggered a lot of criticism and discussion from netizens, at present, there is no stone hammer except for a picture. As for the second kind, its about Xing Hewei, an actor of Deyun society, who is a liar of money.

According to some fans, Xing Hewei borrowed money from her friends in the fans group because her mother was ill and her income was not enough.

So my friend lent it to her. When the amount was small, she borrowed several hundred. When the amount was large, it reached five figures.

But after borrowing, Xing Hewei is not the same as before. Every time she pays back, she finds reasons to delay. Later, I simply disbanded the fans and didnt pay back the borrowed money.

On October 31, fans who lent money to Xing Hewei burst out their chat records on their microblogs.

Inside Xing Hewei said her boyfriend lost money in business.

Because it was fermented once in September, plus the withdrawal event, or the fans who returned the money didnt know what to do.

In this way, I can see clearly.

Originally, the right and wrong of Deyun club have been going on recently. Now, because of the scandal of fans and the situation of borrowing money, it is an understandable choice to force the actors to withdraw from the group. However, soon a group of fans voiced that things are not so simple as leaving the group.

In recent years, Deyun society has developed rapidly, and its online and offline existence has been fully brushed.

Zhang Yunlei as the representative of a group of corner became popular, attracting many boys and girls in the rice circle. We are chasing each other like a rice circle, grabbing tickets, helping, giving gifts, picking up planes, tearing shelves, pulling CP One is down.

Fans are so powerful that de Yun society naturally wants to keep pace with the times. Around March this year, Deyunshe set up a fan V + group of its members online. This group is powerful.

The comments are close to the front row and have the chance to be seen by jiaoer; you can see some exclusive HD pictures; you can enter the idol fans group and interact with jiaoer closely.

Why is 168 bad? Why is it here?

Its even worse if theres a star girl.

In order to be able to interact with each other and spend money in seven or eight groups, there is no place to cry now.

In this case, many people think that Deyunshe belongs to one year contract term is not reached, unilateral termination. I thought the food was too ugly, so I asked for refund directly.

This has also led to infighting among fans. Some fans said that it was self consumption, so why let Deyun society withdraw.

Its not just the fans money thats debated. The high price tickets of Deyun clubs performance, only reserve seats for scalpers are also mentioned.

The fans are furious, but Deyun seems to have no intention to respond. Turn around to rely on the topic of group comprehensive hot search.

Its been a hot search. Dont members know? The answer is, to know is to know. And not only know, turn around on the stage also take this smash hang.

It may be a good thing to pay close attention to the huge traffic, but behind the wave of negative comments, its still your popularity and public praise that are consumed. Its good to throw up some fun for the audience, but behind the fun, whether its money refund or other ways, dont forget to solve the fans problems.