There are more and more women buying a house before marriage for three reasons beyond reality. Have you ever thought about that?

 There are more and more women buying a house before marriage for three reasons beyond reality. Have you ever thought about that?

The marriage law is becoming more and more specific, the premarital property is becoming more and more clear, and a set of premarital real estate is purchased for oneself within the ability. In addition to the preservation of property, it also adds the vitality of women in life and emotion, which is the reality.

However, in addition to this practical reason, more and more women choose to buy a house before marriage. In fact, there are three hidden reasons. Lets listen to them. Maybe this is the real starting point for women to decide to buy a house before marriage.

A woman who buys a house before marriage often wants to preserve dignity rather than preserve property

Miss a is from Shenzhen. She and her boyfriend are all over 35 years old. Its fake not to worry about getting married. However, I talked about a love for more than one year, because the house thing stranded the marriage, the reason is not because of buying a house or signing these things, but because of dignity problem.

My boyfriends home conditions are OK. The down payment of more than two million yuan is from her own home. Miss a knows that the house has nothing to do with me, and I have no right to fight for it, but what she cant imagine is that I would like to repay millions of loans with him, but the man even insists that you can get half of the house loan, because you can live in the house!

Miss a feels aggrieved in her heart. How can a man calculate like this? Ill take out a house loan. Its better to buy a house for myself than AA. In this way, he took out his savings for many years and resolutely provided his own small apartment. Although the man thought that she would not bear hardships together and make pre marriage calculations, but miss a thought that he first trampled on my dignity, even if he didnt get married, so clear, who knows if he will catch up with me on the street after marriage?? Its better to buy a house before marriage, at least theres a place to go!

[most of the women who buy a house before marriage are women who have suffered and are hurt in their heart

After suffering, so you know how hard it is to have everything, even more reluctant to give up.

Ive been hurt in my heart, so you know how important it is to plan for myself.

Miss B is such a woman. She once talked about a 7-year-old boyfriend. She saved money with him from scratch. She took out her savings for many years and paid the down payment together. Just when she waited for marry after the house is installed, the man suddenly held hands with others. The reason was the house is mine. Whats the relationship with you? His hard-earned house, but live in other new people, and still reasonable can not say clearly, there is no place to complain about suffocation, which deeply hurt her heart.

Miss B stopped talking about emotion for many years. She made money by herself and saved money by herself. Finally, in 34 years, she not only fell in love, but also bought a house by herself. Although her current boyfriend always said, I have a house, you dont have to work so hard, Miss B thought about when the relationship is good, your is yours, mine is mine. If the relationship is not good, how about yours Could it be mine? Im afraid I want to be taken by you.

Mingyi believes that most of the women who insist on buying a house before marriage have experienced great ups and downs. Knowing that buying a house will suffer, they still insist on buying a set because they see through the so-called love.

Sometimes houses are more reliable than men.

Miss C, from a small northern county to a big Shanghai City, has always been independent, but in the eyes of her local boyfriend in Shanghai, the more desperate women are, the worse they are, because there is no mans pain. in the eyes of her parents in law in the future, an outsider woman is a hard life. in front of her, anyway, who makes herself always an outsider sister with no household registration and no family background To her surprise, her boyfriend and his family were so unreasonable in front of their parents.

In June this year, at the request of her boyfriends family, come to Shanghai if you want to be engaged. Miss Cs parents were willing to come to Shanghai from the county town for her happiness, but this kind of courtship didnt move future parents-in-law. Instead, it was a new round of ridicule. In front of Miss C, the future mother-in-law said, you foreigners, dont jump up when you see our local man. Im not looking at you Our local people have houses and accounts... Whats more embarrassing for Miss C is that her parents wanted to go to her home with gifts, but in the future, her parents in law turned back and refused, people here dont like to come to our house. They like to be quiet. she said that her parents were embarrassed. Obviously they come to visit their families, so why dont they even let them in?

What makes Miss C feel unreasonable is that from work to income, she is higher than her boyfriend, but they always think, whats the use of earning more? Can you afford a house in Shanghai? In front of her parents, she cried, who knows if your daughter is in a hurry to get married, is it our son or our house... Such chilling words hurt her parents hearts, and even miss Cs heart. In a fit of anger, she took out 500000 yuan that she was going to make a dowry, plus her parents previous box bottom money, and paid the down payment for a second-hand house in the suburb without any reservation. She said that its better to buy a house than to be questioned by my parents in law with millions of dowries. In the future, my parents think Come and live, if you want, and youve got your breath!

A woman who buys a house before marriage often just hopes that her parents can live by their own side, can live in their own house, and dont have to suffer from all kinds of doubts from her future husbands family, to argue with her parents.

Mingyi believes that there are more and more women buying houses before marriage. Apart from this reality, mens calculation, their experience and what kind of family they meet all have a lot to do with each other.

Women are not weak when they are weak, strong when they are strong, but compassionate when they are weak, strong when they are strong.

Its not selfishness but learning to love yourself.

He forced him to be strong, and the breeze caressed the mountain. He ruled by him, and the moon shone on the river.

There are more and more women buying a house before marriage for three reasons beyond reality. Have you ever thought about that?