Not married at 30, she was maimed by her mother

 Not married at 30, she was maimed by her mother

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Generally speaking, the urging marriage we have seen is just arranged for a blind date, and the parents say a few more words. Unlike Lin, her mother-in-law, Wang, urges her to marry with a latte stick.

Lin, 30, is still single and hasnt gone out to work. She has been helping in the hotel at home. Her mother is dissatisfied with her daughters lack of marriage and fame.

Previously, Lin had been repeatedly beaten by his mother and called the police, but all as family conflicts for civil mediation.

This time, new hatred and old hatred together led to the complete outbreak of the conflict between Lin and his mother.

Lin is often beaten violently. In addition, Wang, his mother, bought a house for his son some time ago, which also makes Lin feel that his mother is superior to her son and has a lot of resentment in her heart.

At this time, she didnt want to be scolded again. The contradiction between the two was on the rise.

At that time, Wang said to his daughter that she was very angry about her partiality, so he threatened her and said, tell me again. I dare not cut you.

In the face of such a mother, Lin back to a line: you cut a try.

Then the mother picked up the iron stick on the shelf and hit her daughter. She ran out.

When Lin arrived at the police station to call the police, her arm was bleeding and her leg was bruised.

After the examination, Lin was judged to be a minor injury, she asked her mother to compensate 80000 yuan for mental loss, otherwise she would not accept mediation.

Knowing that the beating of his daughter might be detained, Wang fainted several times, but still didnt realize what was wrong with his beating.

She not only did not cooperate with the investigation, but also said bluntly: I hit my daughter, why didnt I hit someone else?

According to her idea, I beat my daughter and broke the law. Its all housework. My own daughter likes to beat me.

The main contradiction in this case is that Lin was not married at the age of 30. As soon as the news came out, did you have to get married when you were old? This topic suddenly became a hot topic for netizens to discuss. There are 150000 netizens who dont think it is.

There are also many netizens think that the reason why Lin was beaten violently by his mother is partly because she didnt leave home.

She was advised to find a job and move out quickly.

Escape has become a way for young people to solve the problem of urging marriage. If they dont go home, they wont go home, and their parents will not be upset.

Even some people would rather apply for overtime than go home to be urged to marry.

Single Ms. Dong, 35 years old, was frightened when she thought that she would be besieged in turn when she came home, so she applied with the leader for more shifts.

As a result, the leader and she are of the same age. They can understand the pain of Dongs being urged to marry, comfort her to face the reality positively, and avoid it rather than contact more people, maybe they can find true love.

Then, the leader firmly disagreed with Dongs scheduling during the Spring Festival.

I dont know if the leader is too understanding or not

Overtime itself is a very sad thing, in order to escape from urging marriage to work overtime, it can be said that it is a way of escape to hurt the enemy by 800%.

However, working overtime is nothing. There are still people who hurt the enemy by themselves.

Lei, a 32-year-old boy in Lishui, is one of the few single dogs in the village. Every time he goes home, he has to face a sea of reminders.

In 2009, he couldnt stand the urge of his family, and then came up with a surprising way to go to prison.

So, for 10 years, he spent the Spring Festival every year in prison.

For this reason, the police were shocked. Who could have thought that the road to prison started from being urged to marry?

In response, a netizen said: I want to show this to my mother, and then urge me to go to jail.

Urging marriage makes many young people reluctant to return home.

In fact, young people cant understand their parents idea of urging marriage. Most of their parents hope their children will be happy except for what they have planned.

As a result, there are many contradictions because the generation gap is too large and the values are too different.

Eat when you eat, go to bed when its dark, go to school when you get to school, and get married when you get married. This step-by-step life is the most normal life in the eyes of parents and the older generation.

They think that if any of these steps is not done well, it will lead to the unhappiness of childrens life. If they dont get married, they will not be happy. So, urge marriage.

And the young people who are urged dont want to get married, even some of them are worried.

After all, marriage is not like going to the market to buy vegetables. You have to pick out the dishes. You need to find a suitable person to get married. But the right person doesnt fall from the sky. It can appear if you hurry up.

There are many reasons to get married, but no one wants to be nagged.

Whats more, marriage may not necessarily be happy, and a person may not have a miserable life. The fixed pattern that a person must marry and have children in order to live is not applicable to the young people now.

As long as we can have a happy life, what does it matter whether we get married early or later?