At the age of 4, she was sold to a theater. At the age of 14, she became famous and worked in art for 85 years

 At the age of 4, she was sold to a theater. At the age of 14, she became famous and worked in art for 85 years

Its the opera white haired girl

Use a song Nanniwan

Red all over the country;

Its a famous patriotic song

The original singing of my motherland;

Just awarded peoples artist

The title of national honor;

She is a famous soprano in China

National vocal music educator,

The founder of national vocal music in China,

Representative and inheritor: Ms. Guo Lanying.

u25b2 Guo Lanying was awarded the title of peoples artist

Guo Lanying, born in Shanxi Province in 1929, is 89 years old this year. She has left many unique classical singing works and made numerous singing legends since she started her career 85 years ago.


Hard born, diligent in martial arts and famous in World War I

One day in December 1929, a small farmyard in Pingyao, Shanxi Province, heard the babys cries. The Guo family, which had five sons, was celebrating the birth of the youngest daughter.

The Guo family called the childs small name Guo Ai Ai and its big name Guo Lanying.

However, his family was so poor that Guo Lanying, who had just turned 4, was sent to the troupe as a poor apprentice before she was spoiled and grown up by her parents.

At that time, Guo Lanying was small and short. She couldnt even climb up the stage. She was stuck on the stage every time. She was not as tall as a wooden knife, but she could use her milk to lift it and wave it.

In the old opera troupe, there was a popular saying: play, play or forget.. One meal a day, endless joy; three days without fighting, go to the house and uncover tiles...

Guo Lanying said in her heart, if you want to be dignified, you have to suffer behind.

So, even in the cold morning in the north, she would get up and go to the sea, crawl on the ice to practice, under the snow, she cried with her mouth long, Leng is to make a hole in the hard ice.

Sick and feverish, she never let up.

At night, Guo Lanying needs to sleep on one leg. In the later half of the night, the master takes out a stick and knocks on her other leg and shouts, change legs and change legs.

Under the high intensity and high standard of training, Guo Lanying has been performing from maid, maid and dragon suit to Qingyi, Huadan and daoma Dan. She is good at singing, reading, doing and fighting.

At the age of 14, she was called Mei Lanfang in Jin opera in Zhangjiakou.

In order to see her play, some people even went to ten li mountain road; without seats, everyone climbed the mountain, went to the house, and even watched with interest on the branches.


Enter the barracks, perform Xier and welcome new students

In September 1945, after the liberation of Zhangjiakou, the literary and art troupe of North China United University entered Zhangjiakou and brought the opera white haired girl.

Guo Lanying, a 16-year-old girl, often goes to visit. When she gets home, she is unable to sleep. There is a saying in the opera, which is deeply engraved in Guo Lanyings mind:

The old society turns people into ghosts, and the new society turns ghosts into adults!

Guo Lanying is determined to abandon the old costume of the troupe. There are three big boxes, one set of all silver headdress. She said that she would lose it if she lost it. She went into the literary troupe of North China United University without hesitation, and became a revolutionary female warrior with proud eyes.

In the days of the literary troupe, Guo Lanying did not let go of every performance of white haired girl, and knew Xiers aria and dialogue well.

In 1948, Xiers plan star was pregnant and couldnt appear on the stage. Guo Lanying volunteered to play Xier. With her excellent experience in the theater since childhood, combined with her painful experience of selling into the theater when she was a child, Guo Lanying performed Xiers sadness and humiliation vividly and finally saved the performance.

u25b2 Guo Lanying plays Xier in the opera white haired girl

Since then, Guo Lanyings name has been tightly bound with Xier.

The enduring opera white haired girl has changed her spirit and brought new vitality to her artistic life.

On the eve of the founding of new China, Guo Lanying, on behalf of China, went to Budapest, Hungary, to perform womens freedom song in the second world youth student peace and friendship Festival, winning a considerable medal for the upcoming new China.


Shangganling, offer Qingyin, my motherland

All good songs are produced from the masses of the people, and all they sing are the lives of the people themselves.

The combination of songs and the great era, the fate of the motherland and the fate of the association, has become a lifelong goal of Guo Lanying.

In 1956, Changchun Film Studio made the film Shangganling, which reappeared the praiseworthy battle of Shangganling in the war of resisting US aggression and aiding Korea.

After getting the score for the first time, Guo Lanying hummed unconsciously:

A big river is wide in waves, and the wind blows the fragrance of rice and flowers. My family lives on the bank, listening to the boatmans bugle and seeing the white sails on the boat...

The lyrics are catchy and the melody is deep and beautiful. When Guo Lanying sang the sentence this is a strong motherland, she could not help feeling excited and tears filled her eyes. She thought of her bitter experience when she was a child, and thought of the soldiers throwing their heads and blood to expel foreign enemies

At the end of the song, some clapped their hands and cried like rain.

Since then, a big river with wide waves... In the past decades, Guo Lanying has been echoing in the land of Shenzhou. He has inspired generations of Chinese with the picture of rippling waves and little sails in my motherland.


Follow the instruction, engage in education and contribute Art

In 1976, Premier Zhou Enlai died, and Guo Lanying was deeply grieved. Because Premier Zhou was very concerned about Guo Lanying, it can be said that she was Bole in her art career.

After Premier Zhou Enlai watched the white haired girl

Guo Lanying always keeps in mind Premier Zhous earnest teachings and instructions. In 1987, she gave up the superior living conditions in Beijing and moved south with her husband to Panyu, Guangdong Province to establish Guo Lanying art school.

Take volunteers to carry rocks, build stone slabs and pave the road on the wild and grassy flying goose ridge

With tireless work, Guo Lanying and Mr. Wan Zhaoyuan transformed the old farm into a new teaching building.

Guo Lanying is both a principal and a teacher. Every morning, he takes his students to practice together.

Singing is saying. The audience is not listening to your voice, but the content. Every word must be hammered out!

I wont spare you if you dont learn well. Today, I will spare you. Tomorrow, the audience cant spare me, neither can they...

One look, one expression and one action are all subtle to the extreme.

From the stage to the stage, there is a word difference, but there are thousands of hardships.

I will devote my last energy to the new opera that I love all my life I would like to be a paving stone, so that the new generation of people will follow it step by step.

Guo Lanying has worked in art for decades and cultivated many excellent students.

Li Yuanhua, Wan Shanhong, Liu Yuling and other famous contemporary singers all come from her family; Qiao peijuan, Yun enfeng, Ma Yutao, Ren Guizhen and other singers of the older generation have also learned from her.

At this years CCTV mid autumn party, Guo Lanying sang my motherland again.

A big river goes through a long time, arousing peoples deepest love for the motherland.

Now, I cant walk and sing, but my heart of serving the people is rooted all my life.

This song represents my heart and my life. No motherland, no Guo Lanying!