How does a little fat girl become a partyqueen? You need to know that

 How does a little fat girl become a partyqueen? You need to know that

Zhao Liying herself is not too fat, but because she is born with a fleshy face, she always gives people a fleshy feeling. Its hard to show a strong face because its so cute.

When choosing a dress, you may as well choose a V-neck style skirt. V-shaped collar can elongate the shape of the face, play a role in easing the roundness of the face, and make the face look thinner. In addition, the V-neck style can also make people look more sexy, because the lines extended on the front of the chest can well set off the outline of the chest, and make your upper body look more slender, which is really killing two birds with one stone!

Arm vs sleeve dress

The other worry of little fat girls is that they have thick arms, so most of them will choose long sleeved dresses, hoping to cover the meat arms to achieve the effect of being thin. However, sometimes it has the opposite effect. The more cover does not mean that the thinner the effect is better, long sleeve style skirt is easy to cause a sense of visual expansion. Therefore, proper concealment and proper exposure are the best match for thinness.

Representative actress: Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing is a representative of the world of obesity, thanks to her delicate little face. Many times when you look at her face, you will think that she is not fat at all, but in fact, Fan Bingbing is a relatively large body with a large skeleton. The most prominent feature is that her shoulders and arms look very thick. But she knows how to make the best of her strengths and avoid her weaknesses. The clothes she wears are thin and charming.

The one line dress can cleverly and naturally cover the fat in the middle of the arm, which happens to be the place with the most meat on the arm. At the same time of covering the meat, the shoulder can also show the sexy shoulder and clavicle, which is casual and generous.

Butterfly sleeves can completely cover the defects on the shoulders and arms of girls. Big skeleton, round shoulders, worship meat, non dairy With a loose butterfly sleeve skirt, all these troubles can be solved. Moreover, the loose, light and thin style looks more light, avoiding the thick feeling brought by the wrapped long sleeve.

Lace style can bring a subtle effect. It has been said before that if the thick arm is completely wrapped, it will have a negative effect. The lace sleeve can reduce the weight of the arm visually and play the role of modifying the arm shape. At the same time, lace looks classic and noble, more prominent temperament.

Thick waist vs high waist dress

When choosing a wedding dress, a girl who has little meat on her belly or no line on her waist should know how to make the best of her strengths and avoid her weaknesses, and proceed according to her own situation.

Representative actress: He Jie

He Jies figure has always been a hot topic among netizens. Especially after she gave birth to three children, her figure cant go back to what it used to be. The most obvious thing is the flesh on her waist. But as long as she wears the right clothes, the swimming circle on her waist is not a big problem.

The wedding dress with line decoration at the waist can achieve a good thin effect. Because the decoration on the waist can visually lengthen the waist and weaken the fat on the abdomen. However, we should pay attention to the simplicity of the waist decoration, otherwise the decoration will be too cumbersome but more prominent waist of the sense of cumbersome.

But do not choose too tight skirt, it will only make your swimming circle more obvious. And the high waisted model is undoubtedly the best style for meat girls. It can not only cover the belly meat, but also elongate the body.

For girls with big buttocks, the key point of dress selection is the lower body. The A-line style skirt spreads from the buttocks to the bottom, which can not only highlight the waistline, but also hide the fat lower body. But remember, the style should be simple, and the best choice is hard fabric. Because exaggerated and complicated design will appear cumbersome, too soft and fluffy fabric will only make the body look more expansive.

Representative actress: Christy Chung

The size of Christy Chung is relatively large, especially the buttocks and legs. If she wears tight clothes, the defects of her lower body will be very obvious. Therefore, when she chooses a dress, she should focus on her lower body.

After reading so many tips for choosing dresses, do girls have a little heart attack? Hurry up and find your own dress!

(Wen / Liu Erju)