Why does Qin LAN, 38, never get married? Rare life photos

 Why does Qin LAN, 38, never get married? Rare life photos

After becoming famous, Qin LAN didnt always go to the variety show to earn money. Instead, she spent more time polishing her acting skills, because she knew that if she wanted to get more recognition, she would rely on her strength to speak, but her fans were all concerned about her life. After all, she was 38 years old and still single, but she was not worried at all, even a little Fei I dont even smell it, which makes fans laugh and cry.

In fact, everyone who knows Qin LAN knows that she once had some unforgettable love, but it ended in failure, and always became the injured person, so she put all her mind on her career. If she didnt think about it, she would be 38 years old, but her age didnt leave any traces of years on her face. Recently, Qin Lans rare life photos flowed out, netizen: who is this Dare to catch up?

Qin LAN smiles happily. The collagen on her face doesnt lose any flow at all. I dont know how many people envy her. No wonder many people regard her as their goddess. Netizens have expressed their opinions one after another: who dares to chase her, because they are afraid of being rejected. Xiaobian wants to say that Qin LAN is impeccable in both appearance and figure. I believe that there are not a few people secretly in love with her. I hope you all If you can be brave, you may succeed?

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