Will domestic aircraft be listed in the year? The Defense Department replied.

 Will domestic aircraft be listed in the year? The Defense Department replied.

[global network military report] according to the website of the Ministry of national defense, on the afternoon of October 31, the Ministry of national defense held a regular press conference, and Wu Qian, director of the information bureau of the Ministry of national defense and spokesman of the Ministry of national defense, answered questions from reporters.

Reporter: I have three questions. First, according to media reports, Chinas first domestic aircraft carrier has begun to paint the board number. Will the domestic aircraft carrier be listed in this year? Second, Japans Kyodo News Agency reported on the 29th that China and Russia are discussing the conclusion of a military alliance. The former president of the U.S. House of Representatives commented on Fox News on the 27th that an alliance between China and Russia would pose a serious threat to U.S. and global security. He also said that if China launches an attack on Taiwan, Russia will help China fight against the United States. Whats your comment on this? Third, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in early October that Moscow is helping Beijing build a missile early warning and defense system, which is considered as evidence of the establishment of an alliance between China and Russia. Can you confirm it?

Domestic aircraft carrier for sea trial

Wu Qian: first of all, answer the first question. Chinas second aircraft carrier is carrying out various tests as planned, and all works are progressing steadily. As for the service time, it needs to be determined comprehensively according to its construction progress and test conditions.

To answer the second question, China has always pursued an independent foreign policy of peace. The comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination between China and Russia in the new era adheres to the principle of non alignment, non confrontation and non targeting at third countries. It is a new model of international relations featuring mutual respect, fairness, justice and win-win cooperation, which is totally different from the military alliance between the countries concerned.

Taiwan is an integral part of China. There is no foreign interference in the Taiwan issue. China firmly opposes irresponsible remarks by the US side.

On the third issue, while independently developing weapons and equipment, China has also actively carried out military technical cooperation with friendly countries that does not target third parties, which is conducive to regional and world peace and stability.

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