Syrian President questioned the death of Baghdad: not helping the US Army to see dead bodies

 Syrian President questioned the death of Baghdad: not helping the US Army to see dead bodies

[Zhu Haiyi, intern reporter of global network report] even though the extremist organization Islamic state (is) admitted the death of the leader Baghdad Di, there are still voices that have doubts about the US raid. According to Russia today (RT) report, on October 31 local time, Syrian President Assad questioned the death of Baghdadi, saying that the US military operation, like the killing of Al Qaeda leader bin Laden, was suspected of covering up the truth, and he also denied that Syria assisted the US military raid.

Screenshot of RT Report

Assad said in an interview with Syrian media on the same day that the United States high-profile propaganda of the victory of the raid and the release of the images of the raid did not make itself believe that Baghdad Di really died. Assad also believes that the situation in Baghdad is similar to the death of bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda, another famous terrorist.

According to RT, Assad said, why hasnt the body of Baghdad Di been released? Its the same as bin Laden. He also suggested that the US had covered up the information for some reason in the killing of bin Laden and Baghdad di. Its part of the American trick, and thats why we shouldnt believe everything they say unless they can prove it..

Assad said that the United States did not do this to former Iraqi President Saddam. Lets recall how Saddam was captured and how the whole operation was demonstrated from the beginning to the end.

Syrian President Assad talks about the death of Baghdad di. Source: Russian satellite news agency

RT mentioned that Assad said Damascus did not take part in the raid in any form, and he also learned the US statement through media reports. Assad said that the United States fictional participation in the operation will add credibility to the killing of Baghdad Di, and the countries listed in the operation list are likely to be flattered as part of a great operation.

(but) Syria does not need this so-called credibility. We are the people who fight terrorism. We have no relationship (with the United States) and have never contacted any American institutions. Assad said.

RT also mentioned that Assad believed that even if Baghdadi was really killed, even if it was eventually eliminated, nothing would change. Religious extremism and Baghdadi were only tools of the United States from the beginning to the end, and could easily be reused elsewhere.

I think everything in this operation is a hoax. Baghdadi will be remodeled in different names. A different individual, or is may be reproduced in different names as required, but (they) have the same idea and purpose. The director of the whole play is the same. Thats the American. Assad said.

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