Turkey says 18 Syrian government soldiers captured by Russian media have been handed over

 Turkey says 18 Syrian government soldiers captured by Russian media have been handed over

Beijing, Nov. 1, according to foreign media reports, Turkeys defense minister said on October 31 that the Turkish army captured 18 Syrian government soldiers in the northeast of Syria, and Ankara has been negotiating with Russia on the transfer of these soldiers. Russian media reported on the evening of October 31 that Turkey had handed over the soldiers under the mediation of Moscow.

Information chart: on October 9, 2019 local time, Syrian state television reported that the Turkish army launched a military operation to the northern region of hassek province of Syria on the same day, causing damage to local infrastructure and a large number of people fled.

Turkish defense minister akar said on October 31 that the soldiers were captured by Turkey in a reconnaissance operation southeast of the Syrian border city of Cape ayin, but he did not disclose the time of capture. It is said that akar made the above-mentioned remarks during his visit to Turkish border forces in Syria.

A Syrian Kurdish armed official said the soldiers were captured on October 29, when fierce fighting broke out between Syrian government forces and Turkish backed militants.

On the evening of October 31 local time, Russian television today reported that Turkey had handed over 18 soldiers mediated by Moscow.

The television station broadcast a video in which most of the uniformed Syrian soldiers boarded a helicopter that looked like Russia. Several soldiers appeared to be injured in plain clothes. However, there are no further details on the transfer of soldiers.

Turkey has reportedly agreed to a ceasefire, mediated by Russia. According to the agreement, Kurdish forces will withdraw from the Turkish border 30 km away. As part of the agreement, Syrian government forces will deploy soldiers along the border.

In an interview on the evening of October 31, Syrian President Assad said that the agreement between Russia and Turkey is good and a temporary arrangement. He said that through the agreement, Moscow succeeded in curbing Turkeys ambition to seize more Syrian land. The agreement also prevented international forces from entering north-east Syria.

Information chart: Syrian President Assad.

In the sense that Turkey will never be forced to withdraw immediately, it will not achieve all its objectives, Assad said. However, it limits destruction and paves the way for the liberation of the region in the future, or in the near future, as we hope.

Assad said that Russia also reached an agreement with Syrian Kurdish forces before reaching a ceasefire agreement with Turkey, and gradually restored state power in the region seven years later.

On October 9, Turkey launched a military operation in northern Syria called the fountain of peace. The Erdogan government claims that its goal is to clear Kurdish forces in the border area and establish a 30 kilometer long buffer zone in northern Syria, where more than 3 million Syrian refugees in Turkey will resettle.

On October 22, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Erdogan signed a memorandum of understanding with ten clauses. It stipulates that from 12:00 on October 23, 2019, Russian military police and Syrian border guard forces will enter the area outside the spring of peace area of Turkish military operations on the Syrian side of the Turkish Syrian border.

This prompted Kurdish forces to withdraw 30 kilometers from the Syrian Turkish border within 150 hours. On October 29, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu said Kurdish forces had withdrawn from the security zone in northeastern Syria ahead of schedule in accordance with the Sochi agreement.

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