Beckhams second sons love affair is exposed. The amusement park is close to the long hair girl

 Beckhams second sons love affair is exposed. The amusement park is close to the long hair girl

Netease Entertainment reported on November 1 that David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham have three sons and one daughter. He took his second son Romeo Beckham and his daughter Harper Beckham to the universal studios for a group photo on the 31st Po, but Romeo had one more picture of a mysterious woman sitting beside him Cause fans to discuss.

Romeo and his father took the same photo. Three people stood in front of the Universal Studios sign in a white shirt, hugged each other sweetly and smiled at the camera. But Romeo had one more picture of 4 people sitting in the roller coaster. Only Beckham and Xiaoqi were in the front row, but there was another strange woman beside Romeo. The two were even closer together.

Although the netizens all focused on Romeo, 17, who was over 44 years old, he also wrote with the picture Po: height officially exceeds my father. Beckham also responded humorously: OK! Youre all right. But many young fans pay attention to the mysterious long hair girl next to him. They only see two people sitting close to each other in the same carriage with their arms. The female fans excitedly leave messages: someone robbed my man, who is the girl next to you!

Beckhams three sons are all inherited from his handsome appearance. Apart from the brilliant emotional world of his eldest son, Brooklyn, Romeo was also revealed to be in love with 15-year-old Strange Tales star Millie Bobby Brown in March this year. Cruz Beckham, the 14-year-old son, also followed the footsteps of the two big brothers. Previously, he had a sweet photo of a girl with brown hair in his arms on Ig. Many netizens read it and said: how can my 14-year-old feel different from the 14-year-old of Beckhams family?

Source: editor in charge of Netease Entertainment: Ma Wenjing, nbjs9027