Why are you always here? Guangxia Fujian met in the first game of the new season for four consecutive years

 Why are you always here? Guangxia Fujian met in the first game of the new season for four consecutive years

According to the team ranking of last season, 20 teams of this season are divided into 4 groups in serpentine arrangement. Guangxia, Liaoning, Zhejiang, Shanxi and Tongxi are divided into group C. the competition system is consistent with that of last season. The host and guest field system is implemented. The same team has four cycles, and different teams have two cycles. Guangsha finished sixth last season, and the goal of the new season is to keep four out of two. Therefore, we should try our best to get a higher place in the regular season, which can create better conditions for the way forward in the playoffs.

Fujian finished seventh in the regular season last season, and the domestic players led by Wang Zhelin performed well. Although Zhao Tailong was lost this summer, Chen linjian, another shooter, still had great firepower. In addition, Cao Fei, Xu Mingzhi and other players were introduced, and the overall strength was not greatly affected. What attracts Guangxias attention is Fujians foreign aid.

Before that, Fujian signed Erik green and Lawson, two small foreign aid players with good offensive ability, but in order to equip Wang Zhelin with better help in the inner line, he recruited former NBA All Star Star Star Starr Mayer. Although he is old, he cant be despised as the man once known as the enemy of Yao Mings life.

Of course, for Guangsha, the first thing is to be good at yourself. After replacing two foreign aid players, the team is still in the running in. Li Chunjiang, the head coach, also made a direct statement at the launching ceremony a few days ago. Now the whole team has not reached the level of 100% tacit understanding. Therefore, how to enter the competition state faster in actual combat will become one of the winners and losers.

Compared with the CBA veteran Jackson, the first game of the new season is more important for foreign aid Reynolds. On the one hand, his performance in the previous series of warm-up matches can only be said to be unsatisfactory, and he was pointed out many problems by the critical fans, so he needs to prove himself urgently; on the other hand, Guangsha is also said to be chasing Farid, if he can take the upper hand in the dialogue with Xiaosi, he can further consolidate his position in the team.

In addition, Hu Jinqiu and Wang Zhelins duel on the domestic internal line is also of great concern. As the youngest captain of CBA this season, although he failed to participate in the world cup with the national team this summer in autumn, his progress is obvious to all, which is also his first game as captain of Guangsha. If we can press Wang Zhelin in the competition, then the Chinese mens basketball team, who just changed the coach, should wave to Hu Jinqiu again.

In ten years, the first season without Lin Zhijie, Guangxia mens basketball team is ready.

Source: Youth Times Author: Wang zhenkai editor in charge: Wang Hongyu, nb12517