Cui Kangxi: Lunengs Chinese players are very strong. Its more advantageous for them to come first and then come first

 Cui Kangxi: Lunengs Chinese players are very strong. Its more advantageous for them to come first and then come first

Speaking about the preparation of the team, Cui Kangxi first said: this season is very difficult for the club, players and fans. We just finished relegation last week and our players are ready for the final. The cup match is a two-round match between the host and the away. Under such a match system, the first match is very important. We should also be fully prepared to play this match.

Captain Moreno is also in the third FA Cup final of Shenhua in eight years. I think the match with Luneng is very wonderful. Its true that as the manager said, our league journey is not smooth this year, we have encountered various problems before, but with the progress of the league, we are also in self-improvement and improvement, so we will strive to play a wonderful game in the final

Starting from the 2013 Guizhou peoples and Football Association Cup, whether Shandong Luneng in 2014, Jiangsu Shuntian in 2015, Guangzhou Evergrande in 2016, Shanghai Greenland Shenhua in 2017, or Beijing Zhonghe Guoan in 2018, for six consecutive years, the team that is the first to win the Football Association Cup after the guest won the championship. For this law, the head coach Cui Kangxi disagrees, I have known about this situation, but according to my experience, in fact, the team that plays away first and then at home will be more beneficial in the cup game. Before that, the result of my teams Cup game is the same. I hope to break this rule this year.

The third time in Shenhuas FA Cup final, Moreno was asked about the biggest difficulties the team might face. First of all, there will be different atmosphere and attention between the final and the league. In such a game, the most difficult thing should be the teams focus on the game. Of course, at home, we have to stay focused

In the first round of the match, Luneng in Shandong suffered the impact of personnel absence in the middle and back court, including the suspension of two central defenders Liu Yang and Liu junshuai, and the absence of moyces due to injury. However, manager Cui Kangxi believes that this has little impact on Lunengs overall strength. Although there are several players absent from the opponent, on the whole, their Chinese players are very strong. And at this stage is not the first half of the league, the two teams also have a certain understanding of each other, I believe that who is more focused on who can hold on to the end.

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